Saturday, May 19, 2007

oh geez.

I'm home from work. I made $90 today. but they are long days. and I hate when I'm ignored, just in case you were wondering. I wish I would be spoken too. and not treated second rate. bleh. I get treated better by fathers than that. ugh it sucks. I miss it. whatever.

I like work though. easy money. I just get a little bored sometimes..

so I totally missed Skiatook's graduation...and it sucked. and I'm hoping I won't miss Sperry's either. oh well I guess....


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  1. Where are you working and why are they not talking to you???
    The graduation was awesome. It ws in the new building which is a wee bit smaller than the U-Mac. I was stunned that Skiatook has such an awesome facility. It would be so cool to actually meet you in person.


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