Thursday, May 24, 2007


I'm falling behind in my blogging world. I shouldn't be, I have tons of time on my much time, that I find myself bored and lonely. I'm house-sitting for my aunt's fiancee..they flew to Arizona to meet the rest of his side of the family....the wedding is two years away so it's gonna be a while. The good thing about house-sitting?? he gave me money for my food. and he has a pool. but I stuck my toes in the pool today and about peed my pants because the water was so bloody cold. ugh. so a pool and no use for it.

I went to church tonight...not to my church but A church, which is a lot better than what I've been doing...and I really enjoyed myself. The message got me thinking...I know now that if I'm not in the right condition with my heart here in about three weeks, I don't need to be going to Falls Creek as a sponsor. I don't want to be leading kids in the wrong direction, and show them the way to making mistakes since that's what it seems I'm best at.

sorry about the little rant on my last post. I'm not quite sure if I was flat-out ignored, but that's how I felt. and it hurt. it's a boy...that's where most of my drama seems to be coming from here was just hard on me that day because I had tried calling him for a week and no response whatsoever. His dad talked to me more than he did, and I was afraid that it was over something getting a tattoo...I don't know where it stands now...he called me last night and was supposed to go to church with me tonight but couldn't because of practice and we'll see how it goes...he'll be traveling for baseball, so after this weekend I may not see him anymore this summer.

wow now that I have written a novel about a boy that no one probably cares about, I think I'll call it a night.

p.s. I made it to Sperry's of the boys that works for my mom in the concession stand saved my life and covered my game for me so I could go watch my girls graduate! (and guys too!)

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