Thursday, May 24, 2007

I love the rain..

well, honestly, I do! for some reason the rain always seems to soothe me..and I sleep so much better when it's rainy...

so tonight was a really good night. My mom didn't have to work out at the ball fields and so the whole family went to the hospital to see our new baby cousin Mason Eli and then we stopped at the grocery store and got stuff for and my mom cooked some Chinese stir-fry together...and they stayed here until was just the human interaction I needed! except for now I'm a little homesick for them..I know they're only down the street but it seriously is mildly depressing when you're in a huge house to yourself..but the weekend is here and I'm pretty busy all weekend long so things should get better! before I know it I'll be in my bed in my house with my family again!

just wanted to let everyone know that I'm better to bed!

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