Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mallori's Epically #winning Spring Break 2011

So you've heard about the misadventures we had while driving to Florida. You've heard about and seen how we spent pretty much all day every day while we were on the beach.
That pretty much was my entire spring break. We would wake up whenever we did, lounge around for about an hour or two (while I would mix up a breakfast adult beverage), change clothes, then head to the beach. We would pack a lunch to take with us and come back every now and then for a bathroom break/lunch break/refill the ice chest break. Then around 5 or so, all of us would head back to the house and someone would cook dinner. Around 8:30, we'd start playing drinking games and watch TV/movies until we were ready to go to bed and start the cycle over the next day.

The trip wasn't completely sunshine and rainbows, but I guess it's not always going to go perfectly when you've got six very different personalities all cooped up in the same close living quarters. But overall, it was the trip of a lifetime.

Wednesday, Katy and I went to a restaurant down the beach called Caddy's and got some seafood. Fantastic chowder. Not kidding.
Thursday, we all needed a little break from the sun (can you imagine that?!) so we went exploring a little bit.

We went and visited Eckerd College because Katy's mom went there as an undergrad. It was a small and pretty campus and I really think that it's a good thing I don't go to school anywhere near a beach. I would never go to class. And when I did, I'd go to the beach between classes.

This was the beach behind Eckerd College
After we finished looking around, we then went and ate at Ted Peter's Famous Smoked Fish, as seen on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. Now, I am not a fish person AT ALL, but oh my good-NESS it was so delicious. If you like fish, you'll love this! I had smoked mahi mahi. I seriously can't tell you enough about how good it was!

Then that evening, we went out for St. Patrick's Day. The holiday was great, the place we went to had a fantastic Ladies' Night Special, and we enjoyed the live music from a cover band called Sunburn. It was a great time with great friends!

roommate and I on St. Patrick's Day

We went to the beach a couple nights and took sunset pictures, as seen above.
Then on the way back, we were stuck in traffic for around an hour because of an awful car wreck on I-10. So what did we do? We got the soccer ball out on the interstate and kicked it around :)
All in all, it was an AMAZING week and I'm so glad I started saving for it three years ago!


  1. I LOVE THESE PHOTOS!!! That sounds like so much fun! I cannot wait to go to the beach this summer!

  2. Looks like SUCH an amazing time!

  3. What fun pictures! Looks like you had a great time :)

    P.S. I love your tattoo!

  4. I'm so dang happy for you!

    I hope you remember everything!

    Write it down if you do. I didn't and I regret that.

  5. The pictures are awesome! It is so beautiful there :) So glad I didn't know they had this college on the beach, might have going (wait, skipping classes) there instead of getting a degree. Sorry about the traffic jam, but looks like ya'll made the most of it! Awesome trip, you will remember it forever!

  6. You are so beautiful friend! Love that foot shot!!

  7. wow! amazing memories to last a lifetime! i personally think the beach is fab...we're headed there this weekend. wishing you the best pretty! xo

    btw: glad you like the button!

  8. Wow, what a beautiful and fun Spring Break!! Glad you had such a wonderful time.


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