Monday, March 7, 2011

"Oh goodness, is it Friday yet?"

That's the phrase of the week people. This coming Friday is a little more special than your typical Fridays. Friday, March 11, 2011 begins Mallori's first big-girl vacation. That's right, my first big-girl vacation. What is a big-girl vacation?

big-girl vacation: (n.) A trip to a desired location solely for the purpose of enjoying a week with friends; must not include any members of the immediate family.

Okay, I totally made that up. But it's also true. Back when I was a wee sophomore in college, I decided that I wanted to start putting up money to plan a fun trip by myself with just me and my closest friends for my very last spring break. Three years later, here it is. (Although, I'm going to be going to school again, that doesn't count. These are my rules and I say so. ha!) I along with 5 other friends (hopefully 6) will be driving from Norman, OK to sunny Treasure Island, FL for my final spring break as an undergrad. What will we be doing? Going to the beach. Laying in the sun. Cooking meals. Partying our asses off. I can't freaking wait. I'm super excited.

On a side note, you all had tons of adventures over the last four days! I signed into my google reader and had almost 100 posts to read! I've gotten the reader down to 10, but it's about time for me to (post my post for the day and) start preparing for bed. Also, the honey butter chicken biscuit post was a hit! Nine of you lovely people commented on it! I was just being silly, you guys seem to like my silly posts a lot more than my serious ones. And, because I was a little overwhelmed at all the comments, I didn't go to each of your blogs individually and comment back, I instead responded to each of you individually in a comment at the bottom. Please go read what I had to say, I want you to know that I care about what you have to say about my posts! I just was like ahhhhurghhh I don't know what to do okay hit "Post a Comment." I usually don't have those moments.

Anywho, this lady is tired. OH YEAH! I got released to go back to normal exercise routines, just have to take it slow! So not only is this lady tired, she is also a very happy giddy lady. I can't wait to lift (light) weights tomorrow! I will also be enjoying every burn that my spin teacher will be giving me on Wednesday!

I hope you all had a good Monday! Check back in tomorrow for Tell the World Tuesday. It's a good 'un :)


  1. BIG GIRL VACATION!!! I took my first ever one in 2008. First time on a plane, first time in a was all work related, but still thrilling!

    Yes, silly posts are fantastic! I've noticed the same with my blog too. It's a good thing, because I'm not good at being serious. And you are pretty entertaining!

  2. Your trip sounds so wonderful! I am quite jealous! I could use a girls vacation too. Or just an adult vacation with my hubby. haha.

    I hope you get some rest love!

  3. OoOoOo!!!!!! I LOVE big girl time :)
    so excited for you and your trip!!

  4. New follower!!

    so far I'm loving your blog. It's so fun and I look forward to reading more post. Follow mine too if you'd like = ]



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