Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tell the World Tuesday!

Alright folks, you know what today is...the second time ever for Tell the World Tuesday. Today's little feature proudly introduces my bloggy friends to the lovely lady Erin of My Beautiful Disaster. It's all yours Erin!

Alright, ze anzerz!
1. First things first, tell me where you blog and a small paragraph about your blog (main reason for blogging, how often you post, content, etc.)
So you want to know where I blog...I try to blog in the comfort of my living room in the evenings, as that seems to be my down time. I blog about my life, the random occurrences at my apartment, my love of photography, what's going on in my world, crafts I do (when I get the time!), and that sort of thing. I never once thought I'd get so into blogging as I am now! It's pretty cool meeting other bloggers as well, there are so many awesome people out there!

2. Give me 5 words you use to describe yourself:
5 words: creative, sarcastic, witty, caring, curious.

3. Do you use a real alarm clock or your phone? If you use your phone, what tune do you wake up to?
I don't use an alarm clock EVER. Not even my phone. My alarm clock is generally my toddler. If it's a day I get to sleep in, no way will I set an alarm! I heart sleep (when I get it!)

4. What (or who) inspires you most?
What inspires me the most is meeting other inspirational people. It's neat to see someone and say "I want to try that!" Also, meeting other people who say that I've inspired them ends up inspiring me even more. It's like a little circle, if that makes sense.

{it totally does!}

5. Do you read for fun? If so, what are you currently reading; or what is a book you recommend?
I try to read when I can, although it can be tricky with my little man running around everywhere. I'm actually reading a children's book from Finland that my friend sent over to me. It's a little novel called "Moominpappa at Sea" and it's pretty darn cute. For those who don't know, the Moomins are a cartoon that's popular in Finland and Sweden. Most kids grow up with them, kinda like how we grow up with Sesame Street, that sorta thing. I kept hearing about the Moomins from penpals and finally my friend sent me a book to see for myself what the fuss is about. I wish they were shown over here!

6. What is something you've always wanted to do?
Something I've always wanted to do is start a production company. I work in TV and I love shooting/editing stories. One day I'd love to make documentaries and travel, but not by someone else's schedule, just purely my own. I'm naturally curious and I love hearing people's stories. There's hidden gems everywhere.

7. What is your favorite part of the day, and why?
I like the evening a lot. I seem to have more energy at that time of day. I love it in the summer. There's nothing like going out on a warm day and having the sun set as you go about your activities.

8. Where is your favorite place you have traveled?
I actually haven't traveled a whole lot. If I could though, I'd travel to the Faroe Islands. They're a little nation in the north Atlantic between Scotland and Iceland that I've fallen in love with. I actually wrote a few blog posts about the Faroes, haha! Look up photos of that Island and you'll see why I've fallen in love.

9. What is your guilty pleasure (food, TV show, etc.)
Guilty pleasure is probably chocolate. I eat so much of it. I keep worrying that I'm going to start to gain more weight from it, then I think "Nuts to that!" and I eat more. Tisk tisk.

10. Give your favorite inspirational quote, photo, or both!

11. What is one thing you want to "Tell the World" today?
Something I want to tell the world: Get off your computers and GET OUT! There is so much to see and experience! Don't whine about it, just do it. The internet isn't going anywhere. Our world is ever changing.

And now here are some more of Erin's photos for your viewing pleasure :)
"You Are Your Own Muse"
Polaroid photos are so cool!
Dabbling in Photoshop--so pretty!

Thank you so much Erin for answering all of my questions. This was a fun one to read and post. Faroe Islands = GORGEOUS.

To all my readers, go check out Erin at My Beautiful Disaster, and show her some love. You won't be disappointed :)
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  1. Aww, great feature! You do these so well :) I am hoping over to check out her site right now...

  2. I love Erin! Thanks for sharing her blog with us! She is so much fun and definitely inspiring. I hope that you have a lovely day, pretty lady!

  3. Erin is so great! I love her style.

    Mallori, thanks for doing these features! I enjoyed being a part of it. I can't wait for more.

  4. Hello Erin!! It's so nice to meet you!! I am hoping over the check things out on your site now! As for you Mallori, I just thought I would let you know that I love coming to your blog - ok? ok. That's all now! ;)

  5. ahh i love this...i loved her responses and really should follow her advice to get off of the computer and go out and see the world. balance is key!

    thank you for introducing us to a new blog friend. heading her way now! xoxo

  6. Oops, I made a spelling mistake! For #8, I should've wrote "Iceland", not Ireland. Eeep!

  7. Great feature idea! Love your questions. Can't wait to read more.

  8. @TGN: Thank you! I borrowed a couple questions from a couple people, but added my own twist to them. And the alarm clock question is totally my own, just something I was curious about.

    @posidanielle: I'm glad you love her! She has definitely been one of my favorite finds at FTLOB!

    @Mollie: I love her style too. She is a lot of fun! I'm glad you enjoyed being a part of it! So far I only have one more to share so I'm hoping some more people would like for me to feature them!

    @mskanorado: I'm glad you like coming to my blog! I didn't know how well received this little feature would be, but so far it seems that people like it, so I'm very excited!

    @lindsay: I'm surprised you haven't found her yet! I found her by randomly clicking on blogs in the list over at FTLOB, and immediately followed. Loved. her. blog.

    @Erin: no worries, it's fixed now :) and thanks for the shout out on your blog directing people here! And thank you for participating! I LOVED it!

    @NaKesh: Thank you! I made up most of them, and thank you for stopping by and visiting!

  9. Thanks again for letting me take part in this :) You rock Mal! Thank goodness for FTLOB!

  10. As for you miss Mallori, I love this series, and I have an award for you. ;)
    Happy Wednesday!

  11. PS...I tagged you in a blog game!


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