Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday

I've seen this one done on quite a few other blogs, and today I decided I wanted to participate, even if today is the only day that I do it!

It's going to be random, and you're going to love it (or else! ha!)

  • I'm loving that I finally finished The Maze Runner by James Dashner. It was very slow to start with, but it picked up and was hard to put down.
  • I'm loving that I got such good feedback about the Tell the World Tuesday posts! (I'm not loving that I only have one more for you guys before I have to start begging people to answer my questions.)
  • I'm loving that I have three of the best littles ever! They not only got me the paddle I have been waiting impatiently for, but they got me a VERY beautiful paddle, and exactly what I asked for!:
  • I'm loving the fact that at this time Friday, I will (hopefully) be over half way to Florida!
  • I'm loving that I decided to treat myself to a fun trip with fantastic friends! :)
  • And I'm STILL loving this song: I'm not obsessed or anything.
  • I'm loving all the tags I've been getting lately! You guys ROCK MY SOCKS OFF!

Sorry for the semi-impromptu blog hop. Do you do these weekly? I just thought I'd share it all because I'm super sleepy today and I've only got spring break on my brain. spring break. spring break. SPRING BREAK! (Just wanted to see how many times I could get "spring break" into the same post!)

I hope everyone had a great Wednesday!


  1. I loved sorority paddles like that! I miss mine :) We 'will down'-ed at the end of our time in college. So that way all that neat stuff stays in the club :) Hope you had a great Wednesday!

  2. Cute paddle! Florida sounds so good right now as it is 37 degrees here currently :(

    Hope you are having a great day!


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