Thursday, March 24, 2011

This is me super sleep deprived. It almost feels like finals.

Hello again readers!

I'm so sorry that all of my posting seems to be super sporadic lately (which is what I'm commenting to a lot of you when I can). Spring break was definitely the relaxation that I needed, but once I returned to school and real life, things got CRAZY. I've gotten probably an average of about 5 hours of sleep a night since we returned, and it's not slowing down too much over the next couple of weeks. yikes!

If I haven't mentioned it before, I'm on the Questions Team for College Bowl here at OU. College bowl is much like the academic bowl some of you may have participated in during middles school/high school. The difference is that it is University-wide and the questions are mostly pop-culture trivia questions. Because I'm a slacker life has been so busy in my last semester, I didn't write 10 questions weekly as suggested to make my life easier. Instead I procrastinated decided to write 300+ questions just before they were due so the questions would be fresh on my mind (oops).

College Bowl is next week. I along with other members of the questions team are diligently working on creating questions packets for each of the rounds. I've been doing nothing but nonstop trivia for the past 3 days it seems.

Along with College Bowl, me and the three members of my capstone group are starting our research project withing the next week, and so I will be super busy making sure everything is going smoothly. double yikes. Then the week after next, I have my piano test 2, meaning I need to practice, practice, practice. triple yikes.

This is NOT me informing you that I'm going to disappear. This is just me warning you that the posting will continue to seem a little crazy and all over the place until I get a couple things squared away. I truly do love hearing what you all have to say on each of my posts, and I promise I'm reading yours! I just may not get to comment on every single one of them because the amount of time I spend on my computer doing fun things has drastically decreased. Please don't stop following me because I don't post a couple days (I lost one somewhere already).

I'm finally going to get a LITTLE down time today. I have class at 1:30 until around 4:30, then I am going to a farewell dinner for one of my very good friends. Upon returning home, I've got a small thing I need to do with the sorority, then it's homework, homework, homework. I get to sleep in tomorrow, and then my aunt Jessica, uncle Ryan, and twin cousins Edith and MacKenzie will be in town for Kenzie's softball tournament; I'll be getting some much needed family time :)

Anything exciting going on in your worlds this weekend? Can't wait to read about them.


  1. I totally feel you Mallori! Things are getting crazy here too--must be that time of year :)

    Hang in there and here's hoping you get everything done!

  2. Wow! you are one busy lady! i really hope that you do well with the College Bowl!! Get some rest when you can lovely!

    I'm sending positive vibes your way love!!

  3. wish i was as busy as u :/
    my life is boring!!,lol

  4. Piano? That's awesome. I want to go to college and take a piano class. I wonder if there's a way to apply that to a business management degree....?

  5. Eeek...that does sound busy. Hope it all works out.


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