Thursday, March 31, 2011

Quick update full of some highlights of the week.

OH. MY. GOODNESS, you guys. Aiukli is getting a lot of attention and a lot of TLC. (Okay, maybe not the TLC part.) But seriously, this little space is growing and I think it's pretty cool! The fact that so many of you have featured me (even if it's sponsor love posts!), asked me to do guest posts for you, commented on my posts, and given me awards makes my little heart happy and makes me do a happy dance in my chair as I write this.

I wish I could give more updates this week, but my schedule is super busy and adding more stuff to it every day. But here are some highlights for the week:

  • College Bowl has been a lot of fun to work! And from what I can tell, the teams are enjoying themselves as well. It's pop-culture trivia, and it has an overall theme of I <3 the 90's. We've seen teams dress as WWF All-Stars, Team Pup N' Suds, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, grunge bands, Squirtle, and the Mystery Inc. It's been so much fun to see everyone's creativity!
  • I think I did fairly well on my piano exam yesterday.
  • I taped an ankle for a midterm in my Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries class! I really liked it a lot!
  • I got to know my APO little a bit more last night, and we've planned our BIG/little date for next week :)
  • I've gotten to talk to my Alpha Gam big a lot lately, and I miss having her in my life daily.
  • My capstone project should get started next week!
  • I'm volunteering A LOT this weekend--working Medieval Fair on Friday all day pretty much, Big Event on Saturday morning, NCAA Regional Women's Gymanstics meet on Saturday.
  • I get to go home to Tulsa(-ish) and back on Friday night for Hannah's sixth birthday
And that's just the highlights!
What have you done that you're proud of this week?


  1. Are you sure she's 6? I swear she's still 3...haha we are oldddddddddddddd. Phone date later! Might be late tonight, or tomorrow(ish). LOVE YOU!

  2. What a great week you have had!! Don't you love when everything just falls into place like that?! Hope you have a great weekend at home :)

  3. Congratulations, Aiukli! Hope you have a fun weekend ahead.

  4. That's so awesome! You definitely deserve it all :)

    I am happy to have made it through the week sane after the busy work week I've had!

  5. Sounds terrific- congrats on the the blog success too, you deserve it!


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