Thursday, May 5, 2011


I must say, I am definitely a lover of all holidays that give me an excuse to have an adult beverage or two (or three). New Year's Eve? Hello to good times with friends! St. Patrick's day? HELLO GREEN BEER! 4th of July? HELLO AMERICAN BEER! Cinco de Mayo? BRING ON THE MARGARITAS!

But I must also admit that this particular holiday I will be hanging out high and dry.You see, there's this thing that's coming up in 8 days (graduation) that has sucked my bank account dry. And the sad thing about it is that I still haven't gotten everything I need for it (like a new dress and paint for the top of my cap). LAME. So what will I be doing this evening to celebrate Cinco de Mayo? I will be the Designated Driver for this guy:

This guy is (unfortunately for him) stuck with me as his best friend. As you can so clearly tell by this picture, he is a lot of fun and today he turns the super super old balls age of 24!

I'm kind of jealous that his birthday is on a fun holiday EVERY YEAR, whereas mine only happens on a holiday every couple of years.

Tonight after all of my classes, I'll be heading over to his place to give him a hair cut, then we'll be hitting up the bars around campus. I can't wait to spend this special day with him, as our friendship has grown exponentially over the past couple of months! We've been working together for a little over a year now, and he has definitely been a major part of my last semester here.

So to you "Rags," I leave you with this wisdom: May you have a night of fun that you'll never remember with friends you'll never forget...but I must warn you, I'll remember EVERYTHING and you can bet your ass I'll be giving you hell about it tomorrow! I love you!


  1. What a good friend! Sometimes it's more fun to be the one who knows exactly what happened and what was said--can be very entertaining :)

    Hope "Rags" is funny and entertaining tonight! Happy Cinco de Mayo!

  2. Happy Cinco De Mayo- have fun! Being sober can be fun too:-)

  3. Haha, well hope you had a great time!!! Like I responded on my blog, I had a feeling you would love Cinco de Mayo as much as I do :) And super old balls at 24, you bite your tongue! lol :)


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