Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Weekend Recap

I'm hoping that I will have a person to feature for Tell the World Tuesday next week, but instead you get an update on my weekend. It was an amazing and fun weekend!

Friday I laid around in bed for what seemed like all day. Then my friend Samantha came over, and she and I went shopping for some necessary items. We were gone for about 2 hours, and it was a very successful shopping trip! We followed up our shopping with dinner at What-A-Burger (you know it's my favorite), and spent about an hour there talking about life and stuff. We returned to the sorority house and put in the movie Juno, but we both fell asleep during it. I had about an hour and a half nap before I got up and went to work. Then after work it was my friend's 22nd birthday celebration, so I quickly showered and headed out to campus corner. While I was out, I ran into one of the girls in my major, and she was WAY drunk. I spent the remainder of the evening taking care of her.

Saturday, we got up around 10 or so and I finally took her home. She refused to tell me where she lived the night before, so we crashed at my friend's place. I then spent the rest of my Saturday mid-morning to afternoon lying around, and then around 2 I showered to get ready for MY SENIOR DATE PARTY!! A group of 12 of us went to dinner at Ted's Cafe Escondido, and then I returned home to put on my costume and go pick up my date. Like I said before, we went as Judd Nelson and Ally Sheedy from the breakfast club. Unfortunately, I didn't get full-body pictures of what we looked like, but here's a head shot:

I definitely hated having my hair in my face the entire night. But I spent the evening hanging out with my girls, drinking a little bit, and dancing the night away. Then later that night, I got to hang out with my boys. I definitely had too much fun, if that's even possible.

Sunday afternoon I watched the last quarter of the Thunder game (THUNDER UP!), but unfortunately they lost. whomp whomp. Then that evening, we had our senior re-dedication tea, in which the seniors get sort of re-initiated into the sorority, but only as an alum. It was a pretty cool little ceremony. I then attended my LAST chapter meeting as a collegian.

Since then, I have taken a final, written a paper, gone to class, and just finished up practicing for the second part of my piano final. I've got 10 days until I'm graduating, and I hope this weekend brings more fun for my final weekend as an undergrad. It definitely has potential, it is my friend Michael's 24th birthday (old balls).

And just because you know I love pictures, here are some more from Saturday night:
Roommate/Little and I (she's Tron)
Little Josalyn and I (Dirty Dancing)

Jessica and I (80's Rocker Groupie--the bottom half of her outfit was HOTT!!)

Rachel and her boyfriend Jordan (Reagan and Gorbachev tee hee)

4 out of 5 generations: my great-grand little Stacie, my great-great-grand little Brittany (that makes me old balls), my little Josalyn, and I
Hope you all had a great weekend too!


  1. I need to get out more! These photos look so fun! And I love your hair!

  2. Haha, awww, you are making me miss sorority stuff so badly! I am glad you are having a great time!! :)

  3. I love your hair and outfit! Sounds like a great weekend, one that makes me miss undergrad :)

    Enjoy your last few days as a collegiate!

  4. Your weekend sounds so fun! I love your blog and your pictures - I'm thrilled to be your newest follower!


  5. The hair in your eyes makes mine itch haha... looked like a fun party though!

    P.S. I promise I'm not a holy socked holy shoed kind of girl... most of the time.


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