Monday, May 30, 2011

Weekend Recap

So I don't know if you've checked out my corner of the blogosphere lately, but last Thursday I changed everything up. I decided that I wanted a cleaner space that was super simple, so I got rid of my background and changed up my header. I somehow deleted my signature and can't seem to get it back, something about formatting my HTML and having things all wrong. Lamesauce. However, with the new header and layout also came some new buttons. These buttons are summer friendly buttons! The old ones still work if you have them, but I just wanted to give you newer options!

Okay, on to the weekend recap.

Friday, I went out to eat with my aunt, cousins, and brothers. Once we finished lunch, I went shopping with my aunt and cousins to attempt to find some new cleats for my cousin. While we were out, I ended up finding myself some new tennis shoes. They are some pretty sweet Nikes that are black and purple. You should know by now that I love me some purple :)
That evening I went to watch my brother play in his last football game (potentially). he was selected as a Green Country All-Star. His team won the game 30-0, and he played quite a bit of defense and was on special teams.

Saturday was a forever long day. When I was at the football game on Friday night, my mom and i were talking about my upcoming final interview. She asked if I had professional clothes, and I told her what I had...she basically said it wasn't good enough, and that she wanted to take me shopping to fix this. There is a store here called NBC, and it's basically a thrift store. It's a HUGE thrift store, and anytime you want to find stuff, you have to devote at least an hour to finding things. We were there from 11 to 12:30, I found about 10 pieces of clothing, and then we left to go to my second cousin's birthday party. We were there for about an hour and then headed to my cousin Emma's softball game.
Out of the ten articles of clothing I bought, I didn't get a blazer with sleeves. Although the sleeveless looking blazer is very pretty, there is no way that is professional enough for a very important interview. So AFTER the game, my mother and I headed over to Owasso to check out TJ Maxx and Ross. We had no luck there, except buying a super thick belt for the dress that I bought at NBC. However, I did enjoy perusing through the home decor section to see what I could potentially use to decorate my hypothetical apartment :)
With no luck for suits at either TJ Maxx or Ross, we went over JC Penney (they're all in the same shopping center) to look and see if we could find something there. I SUCCESSFULLY found 3 pieces to a suit (pants, skirt, blazer), and spent about $65. This girl knows how to shop.
After the successful trip to JCP, we went back to Emma's tournament.

Sunday, I got up early to go to Emma's first game of the day, and then went and watched my cousins Edith and MacKenzie play basketball for the remainder of the day. I got to hang out with my grandma all day, and she took us out to eat dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. It was delicious.
Once I was back home, I got my car and went to visit Katy since she will be leaving for an internship on Wednesday. I took my friend Sam with me and we stayed there until midnight. We were deliriously tired by the time we left and were being completely silly.

Today, I lounged around all day and did laundry. I'm also nervously awaiting my interview tomorrow. I got a phone call on Friday afternoon to confirm what is hopefully my final interview. Interview success = first big girl job = first big girl place = Mallori is all grown up. It'll be a huge change of scenery. I'm super excited for my potential apartment! I've already made plans about all kind of things!

Here's to looking professional, rocking an interview, landing the job, and being a semi-adult :)

Have a great (short) week!


  1. Good luck in the final interview!!! :) What a great weekend. And love the new look around here!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! Good luck on your interview!

  3. Look at you! Good luck on your interview--keeping my fingers crossed for you :)

    P.S. I love the blog makeover--very nice!

  4. I love the new, clean look! And I know you will rock that interview:-)

    Congrats to your bro for being an allstar, thats awesome!


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