Sunday, May 8, 2011

Weekend Recap

For once in my life, I've gotten to sit back and relax today. Friday night, I got to relax with some of my buddies in my major pretty much all evening. Our picnic started at 4, I stayed there until 7, and then a small group of us went to a local apartment complex to swim for a little bit. We hung out around the pool until dark, and then I ran into my friend Ashton while I was there. She babysat me for a little bit, and made sure I got home safely.

I had a birthday party to attend that evening, and I spent almost all night hanging out with my friends in APO and enjoying my last weekend in Norman. DO YOU KNOW HOW SAD THAT IS?! Anywho, I stayed there way too late, drank a little too much, and then got dropped off by my friend Cole.

I spent almost all day yesterday recovering from my two super late nights in a row, and just relaxed and watched movies all day yesterday.

I have three finals this week: one on Tuesday, two on Thursday. The one on Tuesday is just an exit exam for my capstone class. It will be a multiple choice test over all the subjects in my major; there really is no way to study for it. My first test on Thursday morning will not be difficult at all. My second test will be more difficult and will require quite a bit of study time. However, I should be fine if I start studying for it on Tuesday. That leaves me five days with no real responsibilities (Friday-Tuesday).

Today, I have also done nothing but lay around and watch movies all day. It's been completely fantastic. I'll probably start studying tomorrow, but there are no promises. I hope you all have as good as a week as I hope to!


  1. I love days where I do nothing but lay around! Sadly they're in short supply since I had my daughter - enjoy them while you can :)

  2. Ah, good luck on your finals!! I am sure you will do great ;)

  3. Best of luck with finals! I'll be thinking about you!

  4. Sounds like a great weekend! We laid around most of the weekend watching movies and tv too :)

    Good luck with finals girlie!

  5. wow u busy party girl! i feel like such a turd...i need friends like this:) good luck on the tests, lady! xo

  6. I loved multiple choice tests.


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