Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tell the World Tuesday!

Tell the World Tuesday is back!
I'm super excited to have the feature back this week! I'm sorry it took a two-week hiatus, but I've got a great line up of amazing women to feature starting with today's feature! This lady has been one of my go-to blogs since I started blogging consistently last October/November. She has a fun photo swap (that I unfortunately have been absent from lately) that is fun to participate in! Enough of my babbling, here is the amazingly talented Kendra of A Grimm Tale!

1. First things first, tell me where you blog and a small paragraph about your blog.
A Grimm Tale is shared with my husband Ryan (I do most of the talking, you will see). We share our love of traveling, music, cycling, photography, and the outdoors. I add a splash of crafting to the mix once in a while. And now gardening as well.
2. Give me 5 words you use to describe yourself:
nature lover, optimistic, passionate, & engaging

3. Do you use a real alarm clock or your phone? If you use your phone, what tune do you wake up to?
I use my cell phone as an alarm and I'm not sure of the tune because I always catch it after the first vibrate, right before the actual melody comes along.

4. What (or who) inspires you most?
I'm fortunate to have many talented friends and family who continue to inspire me every day.

5. Do you read for fun? If so what are you currently reading; or what is a book you recommend?
Absolutely! Everyone should read the Hunger Games trilogy--really, just do it. Also, I love everything by Jennifer Weiner and my all time favorite book, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer, is a must-read too.

6. What is something you've always wanted to do?
Backpack through Europe. Cliché? Yes. But it's my dream, especially now that I've married a Boy Scout & former backpacking guide! Score!

7. What is your favorite part of the day, and why?
I love everything about morning time. The sunrise, my first cup of coffee, a happy puppy...it's all a great start to my day.

8. Where is the favorite place you traveled? Or where is a place you would like to travel?
I really enjoyed a trip to Seattle, Washington a few years ago. The city itself is amazing, but we also had the opportunity to visit the San Juan Islands, just a ferry ride away, where we went sea kayaking and cliff jumping and camping. It was an all around, incredible trip and I would recommend the city of Seattle to anyone traveling the west coast. It's absolutely beautiful.

9. What's your guilty pleasure (food, tv show, etc.)?
TV Show: Bethenny Ever After on Bravo. I think she is HILARIOUS. Like, laugh out loud, slap your knee so much it hurts, funny.

10. Give your favorite inspirational quote, photo, or both!

11. What is one thing you want to Tell the World today?
I want to encourage simplicity; slow down, live in the moment, and really enjoy what you have.

Readers, seriously. Go check out this blog. I found her through a mutual friend, and I have loved getting to know the public life of Kendra! Her crafts are wickedly awesome (so awesome that she did ALL the decorations for her own wedding!) Head on over to A Grimm Tale and see for yourself. You WILL NOT be disappointed!!

Do you love Tell the World Tuesday as much as I do? Do you want to be featured here? Let me know in a comment or send an e-mail to mbattiestOKU{at}gmail{dot}com (subject Feature) and I'll send you the questions!

Happy Tuesday friends!


  1. What a great feature! Thanks for sharing kendra with world :)

  2. What a great guest feature! I'm off to check out her blog! Nice to meet you Kendra!

  3. nothing like a sunrise and some windmills to make me really miss oklahoma! and kendra marie, of course :)

  4. LOVE it! Really great feature and can't wait to check out this new read :) PS one day I will get my butt in gear and send you over that email. I am hoping for tomorrow...??? haha. Oh geez, slacker.

  5. She had me at Hunger Games and Seattle- girl has good taste:-)

  6. great blog :-) i hope u have the opportunity to backpack through europe!

  7. Mallori! You're adorable. I'm a new follower.

    I noticed in your about me, you said you find joy in the simple things in life.

    You will love my link up! It's all about the simple and little things in life! :)



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