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Today, I have a fun post for you that was featured over at Laugh Until Your Cheeks Hurt last week! (You can find the post here.)

idiosyncrasy –noun, plural -sies.
a characteristic, habit, mannerism, or the like, that is peculiar to an individual.
the physical constitution peculiar to an individual.
a peculiarity of the physical or the mental constitution,especially susceptibility toward drugsfoodetc. Compare allergy def. 1 )

So here it is, a list of my idiosyncrasies!

1. I habitually count my steps as I am walking. I've read multiple places that this is a sign of obsessive-compulsive disorder. I've even counted my steps as I was running, like when I ran my half-marathon last November!

2. I have to make sure that my college class ring, which I have only taken off for my appendix surgery since I got it, is on my finger straight. If it starts twisting to either side, I move it and double check to make sure it is on perfectly straight.

3. When I have my DVD's on a shelf, they must be in alphabetical order. Another sign of obsessive-compulsive disorder. They must also be put back in alphabetical order as soon as I get done with the movie.

4. Books on a book shelf should be lined up by book height. Do you think I'm crazy yet?

5. I'm impressed by people who can spell well and use proper grammar. I may not always type on here using proper grammar, but if you can send me a text message with perfect grammar, you just went up in cool points. Proper grammar was stressed while I was growing up because both of my aunts were English majors. So I fall hardest for the boys who can speak eloquently!

6. To this day, no matter how much you try to teach me, I cannot snap my fingers and produce a sound. Every now and then I'll get one or two sounds, but I have to produce about 30 snaps to get one or two. I can, however, frat snap :) [click both words--"frat" will take you to urban dictionary; "snap" will take you to a video]

7. To add on to other things I cannot do, I can't burp on purpose. No really. I know that may be a good thing, but it's embarrassing when you're in a public place and one slips out. And it hurts when you like beer and can't burp that ferment out. Have I grossed you out yet?

8. I cannot stand lint between my toes when I take my socks off. I seriously sit there for a couple minutes after I take off my socks and use the socks to get it out from between my toes.

9. I'm so practical in what I wear that I have a really hard time buying a bra that is any color other than nude. I just can't bring myself to buy something that makes me have to strategically pick what color of shirt I wear. However, when I bought my last couple of bras, I had a friend go with me and she forced me to buy one with a pattern. Baby steps!

10. I hate making a bed. I mean changing sheets and making it daily. I just don't see a point in making my bed first thing in the morning if I'm just going to get into it again that night. But I do it every now and then.

11. I go on sports obsessions. This shouldn't be new, but seriously. College football season? I will spend ALL DAY Saturdays watching pre-game stuff and games (ask my youngest brother, he wanted to watch Saturday morning cartoons one weekend when I was home, and I made him turn it to Game Day at 10). It doesn't matter who's playing just as long as I get to watch the OU game. And I seriously spent all day Monday looking up stuff about the OKC Thunder in preparation for game 4. I figured out the ages of everyone on roster, looked up and studied James Harden, and I obsessed over my new jersey!

What are your idiosyncrasies? Write up a post about them and head on over to Laugh Until Your Cheeks Hurt: Idiosyncrasy link up and share with all of us!


  1. James Harden has been my favorite.. I'm glad he's becoming other people's too! My husbands friend makes these shirts if you can see the link:

  2. Mallori, you are so sweet! Thanks so much for linking up with me!

    Yours are so great. I think we all have some OCD tendencies, ha!

  3. We have a lot of the same idiosyncrasies! I can't stand lint between my toes either--never have, never will; I can't burp on command; and I always straighten whatever rings I wear :)

    I also cannot roll my tongue into a taco (the rest of my family can) or whistle!


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