Sunday, July 10, 2011

I wish this was my original idea...

I'm borrowing this idea from a fellow blog friend Ashley. Find her at After Nine to Five. She's fantastic and has an awesome shop!

Well hello there! Fancy meetin' you here! In fact, there are many of you that are here, but I have never heard from you or gotten to check out your fancy space (apparently I like the word fancy tonight). You see, this little space has grown in just the short 8 months I've been a consistent blogger, and I've gained a pretty big readership. I mean, it's not HUGE like some of you have, but 98 followers is pretty impressive to me! There may even be more than that who are following anonymously that I'll never know. So how do I remedy this? How do I get you to put your foot in the door so that I can see your corner of the blogisphere? EASY peasy.

You see, Ashley had the great idea to give her readers a small "survey" to fill out.
I want to know all you people that are behind the scenes. Those of you who read faithfully, but never comment. I want to know more about you. I want to know more about what you write. And I want to direct people to your place as well.

Please fill this out in a comment below:

  • First name, or what you go by
  • blog URL
  • Favorite color
  • Top 3 places you want to travel
  • Favorite post you've written (provide the URL)
This isn't just for those of you who read only. I would LOVE IT if all of my readers filled this out...This way, I can know more about each and every one of you fantastic 98 people.

I'll even answer them if you'd like! Just please, PLEASE, introduce yourself!

Also, feel free to check out the other blogs as well! I'm sure you will not be disappointed!

If you don't blog but read this, I'd still like for you to leave a comment! Just answer the following questions:

  • First name, or what you go by
  • Where you're reading from
  • How you found me
I allow anonymous comments, so anyone is able to comment!


  1. Oh Mal! I like this idea :D

    4...Faroe Islands, Sweden, Japan

  2. Oh! This is awesome!
    1 ~ Jaimie
    2 ~
    3 ~ PINK!
    4 ~ Italy, Japan, France...
    5 ~ I have 2:


  3. So glad you're doing it, too! :]

    - Ashley
    - Green and Blue
    - Germany, Great Barrier Reef, Curacao
    - Couldn't pick this when I did it.. can't now either. ;]

  4. Fun! I'll play along :)

    1.) KT
    3.) Blue (especially cobalt and turquoise)
    4.) Japan, Spain, Italy

  5. Interesting!
    * Valerie
    * Judging by my wardrobe, I would probably have to say grey!
    * Thailand, Alaska, Greece

  6. OK! What a fun idea :)
    - Lindsey aka TexaGermaNadian
    - pink, I can't help it :)
    - Africa (safari), Maldives, Australia
    - I'll give ya one :)

    Thanks so much for linking up to the blog hop this weekend, Mal! Was so glad to have you there again!

  7. love this!

    - kendra
    - green!
    - ireland, spain, hawaii

  8. First name, or what you go by: Caitlin
    blog URL:
    Favorite color: kelly green!
    Top 3 places you want to travel: Egypt, Australia, Spain
    Favorite post you've written:

    Hi! Love blog hopping =)

  9. -Ross
    -forest green

  10. Ooh surveys! Well, here goes :)
    -Elise, but I go by Lizzy online
    -sky blue
    -Japan, Korea, UK

    I'm new to your blog, but I'll be leaving more comments in the future.Love reading your posts :)

  11. eeek! sorry i'm late...

    -tie: pink/glitter/black
    -NYC, New Zealand, Greece (there's more tho!)
    -tie: OR this one,


  12. ps.. CONGRATS! on over 100 followers :) how exciting!!!

  13. First name, or what you go by: Jess or Jessica
    blog URL:
    Favorite color: pink and sometimes purple
    Top 3 places you want to travel: France, England, and Ireland
    Favorite post you've written (provide the URL): I think maybe this post: or this post: might be my favorites

  14. Mollie
    I like orange-red the best
    Marrakesh, Rio de Janeiro, Robben Island
    I have two favorite posts:


  15. Okay, here is mine:-)

    -Yellow is my favorite- so happy!
    -Switzerland, Ireland and Egypt
    -This one is hard! I tried but I dont like any of them the readers liked this one:

  16. Well this is my first time reading...but I decided to join the fun :)

    1. Ashley
    2. Confessions of a Hopeless Romantic
    3. Anything bright!
    4. ITALY


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