Monday, April 30, 2007

project lose 5 lbs well underway..

well, I've started off great. if my readers will allow me I'm gonna use this as sort of, my journal on my progress...

Day 1

weight: 175
breakfast: 1 bowl of oatmeal and 15.2 fl oz of apple juice.
lunch: chicken teriyaki stir-fry and 2 glasses of water.
dinner: a wheat wrap with turkey and bacon, veggies, and honey mustard dressing (couldn't help it); baked lay's; oatmeal raisin cookie (it all comes as a meal); WATER TO DRINK! (I'm doing pretty good with this no pop stuff.)

at the gym: 25 minutes on an elliptical machine (2 miles)
75 situps, and 75 side crunches for each side.
3 sets of 10 reps for both biceps and triceps.
15 minutes on the stair master (1 mile).

overall, I'm pretty happy with what I've done today. I don't usually eat breakfast and when I do, it consists of Mountain Dew. but I'm serious about this weight goal.

it's like half of me wants to be with him
&& the other half wants to get over him
i guess i'll always have that something for him <333

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  1. Yeah for you...keep up the good work. It's hard but you can do it. I remember rowing and with every pull saying, "I hate this." "I'm dying." "Burn in hell you stupid rowing machine." But, now I'm glad I kept going.


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