Friday, April 1, 2011

aiukli is a featured blogger!

Man, in my attempt to be quick yesterday, I forgot to mention that it was my 200th post. I've come a long way from what I started over 4 years ago, and I love the change that this blog has seen from when the blog first started! I love the friends that I've made (you all are amazing), and I love that you each take time out of your day to stop by and share your thoughts about my posts! I wouldn't have gotten to 200 (and one) posts without the motivation from you guys to fill you in on what's going on in my life!

On another note, I am this month's featured blogger at Legos in My Pocket!!

Legos In My Pocket

Jaimie is a wonderful new blog friend of mine, and she sent me an e-mail on Wednesday asking if I would want to be the April monthly featured blogger. (I'm assuming it was kind of a panicked e-mail, since April was so close!) I was super excited, and I believe I replied with "HECK YES I DO!" So she sent me a little questionnaire and I filled it out yesterday in my 30 minutes of downtime and then sent it back to her! The questionnaire was a fun one, and if you go check it out, you'll see some never-before-seen pictures. Well, only 2 pictures that I haven't posted here yet; but they're still never before seen to you!

I have my first ever guest post coming up on Monday! I am super excited about that as well!

What's on my agenda for today? I'm heading over to the Medeival Fair from 12:30-5:00 to do some volunteer work, then I'm going straight home for the little one's birthday party.
She is THREE in this picture, but she looks the same!
Who doesn't want to be around 10 or so 6-year-olds for their Friday night? I actually do, because I love my family to death and can't wait to celebrate her birthday!

Upon completion of her birthday party, I'm headed back to Norman for a very early wake-up to go to OU's Big Event. What's Big Event? It's OU's official day of community service. Groups form and then we go to various sites throughout Norman and Oklahoma City and do some type of service to them. I've painted schools, planted gardens, and moved mulch to the walking trail at a zoo. It's a lot of fun and you get to meet some cool people in the community. Then after Big Event, I have to quickly shower and get ready for score keeping with the NCAA Regional tournament for women's gymnastics. I have credentials and everything :)

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend ahead as well!


  1. Happy 2oo (and one) posts! Keep up the great blogging.

  2. See??? Busybusybusy... ;)
    Thank you Soooo much for being understanding (& quick!) about the MFB! yea it was a lil panicked, cause I meant to message you WEEKS ago.. (oops) & I never know if people are going to say yes! that's me..scatter brained! Your so awesome dearie!

  3. Congratulations! I for one can't wait for your guest post on Monday :)

    Have a great weekend girlie!

  4. 201 posts??..Jeez U`ve come a long way Plus U still going strong..its nice of U to do volunteer comes with many blessings :)

  5. Miss you! I hope you are having a great weekend! Sounds like you will be!!! :-)

  6. Congrats- 200 posts is impressive! I think I'm getting close, another month or so.
    I've always wanted to go to one of those Medieval Times places- can't wait to hear about it!

  7. Hey I saw that guest post/feature at Legos. Nicely done. And thank you for nominating me and for picking me as one of your must-reads. That means a lot!

  8. 200 posts? How exciting! Happy 201:-)

  9. Thank you so much for guest posting for me today Mallori! I loved living vicariously through you on your trip and am so glad I found your blog and we have become blog friends :)

    Hope you are having a great Monday and talk to you soon. Thanks again!

  10. awe :) congratulations, girlie that's wonderful!

    Everything sounded like a lot of fun :) happy birthday to her! haha i know i'm quite late on that but still :)

    i've followed for a while but have just stopped by now and decided to say hello.

    feel free to come by my blog and maybe even follow if you'd like. we'd really love to have you around!

    <3 kandice
    see ya pretty lady!


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