Friday, April 22, 2011

This girl is a co-ed champion :)

So I told you all Wednesday about my history in softball, and how we played again that evening.
The team we played first was the law school team, and they play together really well because they play together in a lot of the intramural games. I honestly think they were one of the best teams in the tournament, they just had some bad luck.

They were ahead of us by 7 at one point in the game. We were home team, so we got to bat last. We came from behind in the last inning to beat them by 1 run! That meant that we played again at 8 that evening. The second team we played was a paired fraternity and sorority team. They were a pretty good team as well, and we ended up winning 5-2.

We were to play again at 6 yesterday, against the only other undefeated team. For some reason, we weren't playing as well as we had the two previous days. We came from behind in the last inning again to win that game. This means we were in the championship game, had to be beat twice in order for the last team to win. The game started off with a little bad luck for us, we didn't win the coin toss and were visitors. We had quite a few errors, and we didn't hit very well. We got beat the first game. My team is just as competitive as I am, and they also didn't want us to lose at all. The second game around, we won the toss and were home team. At the end of regulation, we were tied 8-8. I was crazy nervous. seriously. In the top of the 6th, we held them to 2 runs, and they were up 10-8. My girl Cierra hit the game winning hit to put us up 11-10! WE WON THE ALL-CAMPUS INTRAMURAL CO-ED SOFTBALL TOURNAMENT!! We get "Champion" t-shirts :)

I remembered why I used to like softball. I had a great team. And winning the whole tournament helped a lot too!

I have quite a few battle scars from the week of playing including scratches, bruises, and sore muscles. But my ego is bigger than ever because the guys basically told me all week that I'm a good player.

Right now, I'm back home in Sperry enjoying some time with the fam for Easter weekend. Tomorrow I get to dye eggs with Em and Han. It's going to be a fantastic weekend :)

Have a great Easter friends!


  1. Have fun with the egg dyeing!

  2. Aw man, IM championships were always so sweet! Congrats! Too fun :) And have a great Easter at home girl!

  3. Congrats Mallori!! Although, I could have told you that you're bad ass in softball :) Hoxie


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