Friday, April 8, 2011

Well, I don't have strep...

I went to the doctor at 2:30, and they told me I do not have strep throat. At least not bad enough that the strep test picked it up. He told me that it's not strep YET, so he sent me home with a prescription for an antibiotic and instructions to do some at-home remedies for a sore throat. So I get to gargle warm saltwater! yay! If my throat isn't better in a couple days, I am to get the antibiotic prescription filled and take it as instructed.

The Miranda Lambert/Justin Moore/Josh Kelley concert last night was amazing. I'm so glad that I talked myself into buying tickets. She is a phenomenal live performer, and she played just enough songs that it included a majority of her hits (including my 3 favorites: Kerosene, White Liar, and More Like Her--I decided to link them rather than embed them) but not too many songs that the concert lasted until 1 a.m. I got to go with roommate and another girl from my sorority. Here's a picture of the three of us before the concert, and a picture of each of the singers:
Garrett is a magic photographer. I look thinner!

Opening act #1: Josh Kelley

Opening act #2: Justin Moore

As you can tell, I was kind of far away from the stage so all three of these were taken with digital zoom. But I was still close enough to be able to see well :)

It was Elizabeth's first concert, and she enjoyed it a bunch. She is now a lover of concerts!

If you didn't catch my feature over at Pocket Legos last Friday, do so now! Then go to their post from today and answer the question! There will be a new question every week that I sent her, and we are both interested to see what you all answer! So do it!! NOW. (You could even make a post about it if you'd like!!)

I was also a guest post person over at KT's Refinishing School for her Spring Break series on Monday (I told you all I've been busy!) So if you want to read about my St. Patrick's Day (with lots of pictures), head on over to her neck of the woods. My post is here.

AND, because that is enough about me for you to check out, you can also read the stories behind my two tattoos! The very pretty Lindsay of scenic glory allowed me to share my Tattoo Story(ies) as part of her Tattoo Story features. You can read that post here.

WHEW! did I throw enough links at you yet?? I hope you get to take a look at all the places aiukli is featured in the blogging world! I have another busy weekend ahead, and be expecting pictures from all of my adventures!

Happy Weekending!


  1. Oh Mal! I love the post you did at KT's...esp the photo of you with two drinks. You rock.

    Also, glad you don't have the strep. I use to always get it as a kid and it was pure hell. :(


  2. UGh! Take care of that throat girlie!

  3. You're all over the place! Hope you feel better soon!

  4. You look pretty darn cute for feeling all sicky. I don't look cute in the least when I am not feeling good. Think snotty nose and all, haha. So glad it isn't strep and you got to go to the concert!
    Have a fun weekend!


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