Monday, February 18, 2013

On 2012's Resolutions

For as long as I can remember, neither I nor any one family member has been to keen on committing to a New Year's Resolution. I know that this is typically when people decide they want to exercise more, eat healthier, quit smoking, etc., but I also know that most resolutions never make it out of February. And sometimes even January! So I never really had any intentions of creating "resolutions" for the year of 2012. (As a side note, for all of those health-related things, I know they are difficult. I also know you won't stick to them until you are TRULY ready to make LIFESTYLE changes. That takes some time.)

But last year, I decided, to heck with it. I'm going to do it! Because I have some fun ones that I've been wanting to do for some time now!!

The result: C-

1 new local restaurant each month, totaling 12 new local restaurants for the year.
The Result: 9 new restaurants.
Blogged: 7
9/12 not so bad. Fail on blogging and picture taking.
See them here:

1 book each month, totaling having read 12 books the entire year.
The Result: 4 out of 12 of the books I intended to read.
According to my "Reading List" page: 8 books.
According to profile: 12 books
Blogged: 5
FOUR OUT OF TWELVE?! I'm ashamed!
Apparently the only 5 I blogged about, I put all in one post here:

Overall, I'm really not too disappointed in reaching 9/12 and 4/12. Guess that just comes with never really having done resolutions before.

So what did I learn?
+I apparently really like American bistros and barbecue. and Mexican food, because one of the restaurants I didn't blog about was also Mexican.
+I tend to read A LOT less when I have people to hang out with.
+These types of resolutions are fun and not once did I feel guilty about not meeting a month.
+Sometimes, you start a book with good intentions. Then it's like torture trying to finish it (Pride and Prejudice.)
+I didn't meet everything I wanted to do in 2012, but it was still a pretty kick ass year!

I never decided on anything I wanted to try to accomplish in 2013. In all honesty, it may just be "read as many books as possible," "do as many tourist-y things I can in Tulsa," and "try to eat at lots of different restaurants when we go out instead of the same ol' stuff every time (not that same ol' is bad!)."

So far, I think I've done a fairly good job of just those!

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