Tuesday, November 9, 2010

11 days until my biggest accomplishment to date.

Sooooo I have been a complete SLACKER when it has come to training. Mostly because I feel like I have ZERO time to get a run/jog in. So on Saturday night at about 1 a.m., my little/roommate and I were walking from the fraternity house to the house where my car was so I could retrieve my car (when actually she was driving my car back to the house...I was still intoxicated and I DO NOT believe in drinking and driving. While we were walking, I get the bright idea to take off running. Poor Katy also ran with me to make me happy. So then I say, "Hey I'm doing pretty good, maybe I should just drink before the half." (please forgive how stupid I am when I'm drinking.) She then says "Mallori, I feel like that will end up in injury for you." I then replied: "Yeah that's true. I've just come to terms that I will die in my half. NBD" (That's sorostitute talk for No Big Deal.) Katy's response: "Well in that case we are going for a run every day this week. No excuses.

I do a lot better when I have a partner to run with, and I've had time to run, it's just almost always been late at night. I don't like running super late by myself, so I'm glad Katy gave me a little bit of motivation to get my ass out of my room and hit the pavement. Last night, she and I did a little 1.5 mile ish jog, but I had to walk quite a bit. Today, I ran by myself during daylight hours and got in 2 miles. Tomorrow I am going to attempt the 2 miles again. I want to go to bed soon-ish so that I can get up a little before class and do it. Along with the 2 miles today, I also played basketball and flag football for FIJI Olympics (FIJI Olympics is a 3-day event hosted by one of our fraternities on campus where they have all the sororities compete in different games). So I think my work out routine for today was highly successful.

Next semester will be FANTASTIC because I'm taking a spin class along with a weight training class. Hopefully being there FOUR days a week as opposed to 2 last fall will keep me in the routine of working out on an almost daily basis. I made the mistake of registering for the half when I was running 3-4 times a week, so now I must do it, even though I'm not in the shape I need to be in for it being 11 days away. Wish me luck on my continuous jogging throughout the next 11 days! I'm hoping to finish the half marathon with only walking 6 or fewer miles. I believe I can do this because I ran a 10K this past spring, without walking, and with only having ran 2 consecutive miles before that in my training. I have a lot of will power when it comes to races, it comes in handy.

Sorry if this post was boring, since I only talked about running!

Good night readers!

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