Sunday, November 14, 2010

What a Weekend!

SO. Thursday evening I went out to celebrate being what I thought was the end of testing and papers. But as I explained in my last post, I was mistaken. But still, I went and hung out with our coaches from FIJI after we WON Tug-of-War in FIJI Olympics! I also realized that I may have possibly pulled or strained on of my quads. This is fantastic seeing as how I am in the half marathon next Sunday....awesome. Anyways, after all the fun-ness that was hanging out with our amazing coaches plus FINALLY getting to hang out with PC X, I had to take care of someone who had a bit too much. That was slightly depressing, but she's safe and sound :)

After all the celebrating, I went to class on Friday, which TOTALLY cramped my style. We are no longer being tested over any of the material in the class so it made it COMPLETELY difficult to stay awake (I had gotten about 4 hours of sleep!)

Friday night was probably one of the best times I've ever had! My pledge class through Panhellenic sorority decided to go on a pub crawl on campus corner! It was seriously probably one of the best times we've had as a pledge class, and there was no drama! SO much fun!:

Saturday morning, I got up a little early to help entertain some alumnae members from the '98-'00 pledge classes, and got to meet quite a few of my sisters. Then I realized that I was about to experience my last home game as an undergrad, and it made me kind of sad . . . so to fix this, I sat with my little/roommate and enjoyed the game with her, one of her brothers, and her father. It was a very sentimental moment for me, but I was so glad that my Sooners won my final home game!

Later that night after the game, a group of us sisters went to a pizza joint that is really close to our house. While at the pizza place, we decided that we all wanted ice cream, but none of us could decide on one together. So what did we do? We decided to do an ice cream crawl! The six of us went to three different ice cream places in Norman! It was slightly ridiculous.

Sunday seemed like the longest day ever, but it was such an amazing day! At noon, I went to have a brotherhood event for APO, and we played games that were silly and entertaining. Then I came back home to get all prettied up and ready for APO initiation. We had a fellowship before, where we all ate together while waiting to be initiated. Initiation was like, MAYBE 20 minutes long, I didn't quite know what to do with myself! Afterwards we took pictures together . . . here's one of my pledge class:

I AM OFFICIALLY A BROTHER OF ALPHA PHI OMEGA! It's pretty freakin' excitin'!
After I took care of some elections stuff with Alpha Gam, we had a post-initiation pledge fellowship at our pledgemaster's apartment. EVERYONE was ridiculous. I got home from that at about 2 a.m.

Today, I have been a good student: I went to all my classes, read some of the chapter that I need to use for my paper that is due on Friday, looked up questions for College Bowl, did a group project, WENT to my College Bowl meeting, and I also attended the men's basketball game (for like 20 minutes).


This week/weekend will be too much for me to handle, hopefully it doesn't get too crazy and fly by too fast!

Hope you all had a happy Monday!

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