Tuesday, April 10, 2007

more icons and quotes for your viewing pleasure!

Easter was great. I really like my aunt's fiancee..he's a pretty cool cat =) his kids are fun too and I really wish my aunt's two daughters would give them a chance.

because I'm so cool and I don't know what else to write, I guess I'll do another icon/quote update..

sometimes I wonder if he honestly knows how bad he hurt me.

i remember when i used to be the happiest,
loudest, spunkiest person alive.
nothing could get me down for very long.
i smiled all the time and laughed nonstop.
i still see glimpses of that girl sometimes,
but not much. i miss her.

he's one of those guys who
((but never really learned how to show it))

she's tired of waiting for him
she's sick of always falling for his words
she wants to leave
[[but he keeps pulling her back in]]

She closes her eyes..
Her makeup runs..
He got the best of her....

Maybe I made a huge mistake by going out with you. Maybe I was wrong to fall for you, but whatever I did wrong, the biggest mistake I made was believing everything you said. By trusting you, I ended up giving you a piece of me and letting you see a part of me that not many people do. I wore my heart on my sleeve just dying for you to take advantage of my love......and you did.

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