Monday, April 30, 2007


yes, I am aware that my "Sunday" post is actually very early Monday morning. but this is my down time. after working all day, I sped home (to Norman) to try to make it to the mandatory meeting my RA was having. being 15 mins. late, I thought I'd be fine. nope. they were done. So when I went down to unload my stuff from my car I get sassed by my RA. Merry freaking Christmas to you too.

I made good money again this weekend. next weekend, no matter what, I shall be staying here to study for finals....wish me luck, I'm gonna need it =)

the bad thing about staying here is I will be disappointing a few people (every one of them in baseball). This week is regionals and it's kind of a big deal. but I SERIOUSLY need to study for finals, and if I go home I know I won't study.

so this week is "get ready for finals", weekend is study, study, study, Mon-Wed and Fri are finals days and then DALLAS HERE I COME!! =) I can't wait..

now it's off to bed to wake up for my 8:30 in the morning.....hopefully I'll go this time =)

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