Thursday, April 5, 2007

just a bunch of quotes and icons that I feel say the words I can't. =)

we're not sarcastic -------we're hilarious
we're not annoying -------we're just cooler than you
we're not bitches ---------we just don't like you.
we're not obsessed -------we're just best friends.

He said last night that she was the one...
but men and mascara always run

All that I want is
for him to wrap me in his arms, kiss me on the forehead,
tell me I'm the only one for him, cuddle when we watch movies, protect me from the pouring rain with his lips, and to love me.

The best feeling in the world is knowing
someone is missing your smile. :)

I had no one to look up to
so I looked down on myself.

A friend is someone who
knows the song in your heart
& can sing it back to you
when you've forgotten the words.

p.s. Poem #3 will return tomorrow, the last one..

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