Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I gotta say, I'm pretty pleased =)

So I was a little worried with the last paper I had to write. It was over Emmett Till if you have read my entries before, and it was kinda hard for me to do. I felt like I had so much information I wanted to share and not enough space to do it in. But when we got our papers back yesterday, I made a 96 on it!! I'm so excited!

this weekend was SO much fun! I'm the GM at O'Brien for scorekeepers, and on Thursday night I was calling everyone to try to find people to work for me. so I asked my friend here from school, Flip if he would come and spend the weekend with me and work for me. He came, and Friday night we didn't even have time to go home and drop our stuff off before we started working. So Friday after the games were over, I took him around Sperry (not very big at all) and showed him where I go to church, and my high school and all that stuff. He's from Houston, so being in a small town with hardly any lights kinda creeped him out. So just for giggles I took him out to where Bobby lives because it's really dark out there!

then Saturday after work, Bobby came over and the 3 of us went and drove by the Indian cemetery, the witch's cemetery, and the cult house. It made me and Bobby laugh because Flip was like "THIS is what y'all do for fun?!" It was actually hilarious.

well, I made good money this weekend, $15 a game! The bad thing about it is that I didn't get back here in Norman until almost midnight though (the "if" game was played. bleh).

I'm so excited because there's only 9 more days of class, and then finals week! I absolutely cannot wait for summer break! and the weekend after finals, I'm staying the night with Becky and getting a tattoo! and then I have graduations to attend...it's gonna be busy!

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