Monday, April 2, 2007

paper #4...and we're on the homestretch!!

ok, so paper #4 for Comp II is going to be the hardest. but I'd rather this be the hardest than the last one.

I only have five weeks of school left! ((including finals week!)) I'm SO super pumped about it!! I absolutely cannot wait for summer vacation. I'm SO going swimming 24/7 to make up for last summer.

paper #4 is a CAUSAL ARGUMENT--this caused that, that caused another this, and so on. my topic is Emmett Till. anyone who doesn't know the story should look it up. it's pretty interesting, and kinda makes me mad but in a way shows me how far we've come as a nation.

weekend, AMAZING. I went to dinner and a movie Friday night for under $10.

HIGHLY RECOMMEND BECAUSE I SAID SO! cute and funny movie. definitely a chick flick.

Saturday night was dinner at Charleston's with the SW and the aunts. loooove that restaurant. and ice cream at Annya's =)

today was Hannah's birthday party! she was crackin' me up with the candy.

AMAZING service at church. that's all there is to say about that

and then today on my way home, I have one day of this summer planned! I'm pumped =) me, Shane, && Kendra are all gonna go to Frontier City together!

now it's finishing my annotate bibliography and going to bed!! ((don't worry, I only have about 3 sentences left to write.))

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