Wednesday, April 4, 2007

ugh...just ready for this week to be over.

ok, so there's something wrong with me. something SERIOUSLY wrong. I have been sleeping so much, I've lost my appetite, and I'm having TERRIBLE mood swings. oh, and to top it all off, I've been kinda nauseous too.

today was pretty much amazing. ((please note the sarcasm))
to start off my oh-so-wonderful day, I slept through my alarm...about an hour. late to class, didn't read what was supposed to have been read for my second to my third class and the battery for my clicker was busted. that was just great. went to lunch and spilled my pop. went to my math class and felt completely stupid the whole time.
came to my room, and started looking at my checkbook to see how much I wanted to spend on my Easter outfit, then checked my balance online..ok, so I REALLY can't do math, because I had $110 more in my checkbook than I did online, turns out I had done the math WAAYY wrong. ugh, I'm just ready for Friday.

I'm going to see The Reaping with Shane. I'm so excited!! I absolutely cannot wait.
sorry that it's no Wordless Wednesday, I wasn't really up for it since I've had such a great week. Wordless Wednesday will return next week =)

here's poem #2:
"Being With You"

Being with you
Is something so sweet
You make me so happy
And you make my heart skip a beat
Being with you
Is something I love
You’re an angel from above
That made my dream come true
Being with you
Takes away the pain
You take away all the sadness
Even though sometimes you drive me insane
Being with you
Is something I adore
And each and everyday
I love you more

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