Saturday, April 28, 2007

Saturday morning ramblings.

So last night was a good night to be at home. nothing special really happened, I just sat around lazily with the family and watched TV. my surprise was ruined....the video I said I was making for my mom for her birthday???? I slipped and told her. I knew I would. It happened because I told her I needed to get her camera from my aunt and she asked why and I said because I need to take pictures of us, but especially Jacob. then she asked why, and without thinking I said "I'm making a video of the three of us" and she assumed it was for Mother's Day. (speaking of Mother's Day, add that to my list of things that are causing me stress....I completely forgot it was coming up and don't have any idea what to get her....I'm thinking maybe a pedicure). anyways. So now she knows what it is. and that she's not getting it for mothers day *sighs* oh well.

Bobby texted me last night and said he had a 3-hour meeting with a sports agent that he's probably going to hire for next year. Exciting, yes, but man do I hate it. I'm still not ready for him to graduate and leave me, even though we're "not together" and haven't been since school started for me..(ask anyone who knows me pretty well and they will tell you he still has my heart, and that no matter how much we say we're not together we might as well be.) I'm happy for him though, it's what he wants, and me wanting him to stick around for me and not follow his dream is just selfish. I honestly do what him to chase his dreams!! I am. *smiles*

well, it's off to work today. it will be kinda slow compared to last weekend, but hey, it's still money that I love to have in my pocket =)

oh, and I can publish my best friend's news on here now that she's told everyone.....she's getting married in October 2008. exciting, but I'm not so sure about it...they've only been dating a couple months..

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