Friday, December 3, 2010

bloggers, I'm afraid I'm stuck in a horrible rut.

Ok, so I know that I don't have many followers so I'm hoping to get some random stumbles for this one. During finals week, I typically like to have a book to read for pleasure to help me keep my wits about me. I love reading for pleasure, and a lot of times this little mental escape at the end of the day just before I fall asleep is what calms me down and quiets my mental static. However, being the creature of habit that I am, I find it difficult to just pick up a random book without first hearing others' opinions on them. Currently, I am reading this book for my book report/final project in my Human Sexuality class:
Now, this book was very interesting, but it was slightly redundant in the information. I mean, how many times can an author say that girls mature so much faster than they did in the 1700's? Anyways, finals week is in two weeks, and I am afraid that if I don't find a new book that is something other than out of this series,:
this series,:or this series:
then I might possibly go stark raving mad. So I am begging you bloggers, please save my from my pre-teen novel misery and give me something that I might possibly enjoy reading during my mental health breaks. Not saying that I don't thoroughly enjoy all three of these series, but there are only so many times I can read each of these books without looking like an obsessed freak.

Another thing that I would LOVE for you to help me out with is finding where I can update my blog layout! The template I have on it now is a nice change from the boring black I had before, but I want to expand my blogging look even more. I may not have the time to completely update the layout now, but I'm open to new suggestions to tinker with it over the upcoming Christmas break.

To my fellow bloggers, I hope you have a fantastic weekend! Sit back, curl up on the couch, pop in my personal favorite Christmas movie (seen below), have a cup of hot tea (/hot cocoa/hot coffee), and ENJOY THE WEEKEND! I will try to update some more this weekend, but again, I can't really guarantee much because I will be going to the Big XII Championship tomorrow evening to watch my SOONERS take on the Nebraska Cornhuskers for what will most likely be the last Big XII Championship in history. BOOMER SOONER!

And again, pop in this favorite Christmas movie of mine and think of me when you do!:

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