Thursday, December 30, 2010

Leg 1 of trip to Phoenix: complete.

I'm posting to inform you all that I am a little over half way to Phoenix and my best friend! (And NYE, and the Fiesta Bowl, etc.) I drove a very long time today. I left Tulsa (ish) at 6:15 a.m. CST and got to my hotel at 9:56 p.m. MST. (10:56 back home). It was a pretty long day.

Unfortunately, there is a HUGE MONGUS snowstorm hitting the Northern part of New Mexico, so once I hit Amarillo I had to take a detour to the Southern route. What does this mean? Instead of driving through a smidgeon of Texas and ALL of New Mexico, I instead drove through ALL of West Texas and a smidgeon of New Mexico. I really dislike that route. OH! Except for when the speed limit got up to 80 mph. That was heaven.

Another great part of the evening? I had to go through Border Patrol/Customs once I got into New Mexico. They had a drug dog sniffing out the cars, and then I rolled down the window to talk to the BP Officer and this is how the conversation went down:
BPO: Good evening, ma'am. How are you tonight?
Me: I'm just fine, thank you. How are you doing?
BPO: I'm doing great! Are you a citizen of the United States?
Me: Yes ma'am! I mean sir! Sorry! I've been driving a long time!
BPO: It's okay. You are good to go. Have a safe trip!
I then giggled as I drove off. Does anyone else see a problem with this conversation? Was that really all it took to get through border patrol? What if I wasn't a US citizen and I lied? I'm sure with my tags being from Oklahoma and my somewhat hick accent (it comes out the later at night it gets), the BPO had no doubt I was from here. But that's not the principle. (I also had other little fiascoes during my 1,026 mile drive that might make you giggle. [That's right, I knocked that out in a day. I'm a beast! But alas, I digress] I will have a post about all my adventures [and misadventures] once I have more time and am not sleepy.)

Anyone else ever had a similar experience with customs/border patrol?

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