Sunday, December 19, 2010

coma, coma, coma

So I was very excited to be going to my very first adult Christmas party last night! As in, it was the first Christmas party with people who all have real jobs and stuff that I got invited to. HOWEVER, the "adults" were just as, if not worse, bad as all the college parties I've been to! They were being ridiculously inappropriate, getting so drunk they were puking, and being overly dramatic and crying! I was slightly irritated at everything, and couldn't believe that I had thought that adults could handle partying and their alcohol...
The fun part of it was when we went to a bar just around the corner, where there was karaoke, pool, darts, and plenty of people wanting to buy drinks for us. The drinks were very very cheap too. bad thing about it? A lesbian hit on me. It was so freaking weird. So weird. So so so weird. Whatever.

I slept all day today to try to let my brain recuperate. I think my Mimi thinks it was because I was out so late, but I took three naps today.

This post is completely boring and I apologize for it. But my brain is still in a coma.

Also, I would love it if you would visit the formspring box on the left side of my page and ask me a question. Or two. Or 50. I haven't been asked anything in two months, and it makes me very sad :(


  1. Adult Christmas parties are often just as bad as college parties. Some people just never grow up. At the words "open bar" they become drooling, greedy morons who can't control their impulses. It's particularly entertaining when this happens at company events :-) The upside is that, after a few years, some of those people DO actually get better. Or they go to AA and can't drink anything.

  2. LOVED your photo swap pic :)

    hope you're doing well and sleeping a lot!


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