Monday, December 13, 2010

Case of the Mondays

After feeling like this due to finals week all day:

And reading these tweets from various friends on twitter:
  • just having an off day...
  • Ready to go home, curl up in bed, and escape from the world. By far the worst day I've had since living in Phoenix.
  • can i just go to bed now?? i'm tired of being frustrated. and irritated. and cold. ugh
  • Today = SHIT. For the most part.
I decided that todays post is going to be filled with fun and happy YouTube videos. So watch these 4 of my personal favorites and have a good little laugh. After all, Monday is JUST ANOTHER DAY! I hope you all have a good remainder of your Monday!

And one of my personal favorites:


  1. hahahahaha... i love it. i love it all.

    thanks for the up-lifter!

    and yes, i was the first tweet :) whoops! sooo glad finals are over.. hope you are surviving as well!

  2. TRUST ME, you weren't the only one! I'm hanging in there, but it may take me a couple weeks to completely recover!


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