Wednesday, December 15, 2010

You are ridiculous, Bruno Mars.

Ok, so typically when I am in the bathroom getting ready in the mornings, our hallway has a radio playing. Obviously we've been playing Christmas music for a while, but someone changed it back to the pop station this morning. This song was on when I was getting ready:
Now, I've been listening to this song pretty much since it came out. I mean who doesn't love some Bruno Mars? His voice is so soothing, and damn it if I had someone sing "When I see your face/There's not a thing that I would change/'Cause girl you're amazing/Just the way you are" to me, I think I would first soil my pants and then tell them they have no choice but to be my husband. I mean you gotta admit, that's something EVERY girl wants to hear her love of choice say to her. The beats along with the lyrics are pretty damn catchy too. But this morning, I actually LISTENED to what I was singing. BRUNO, DITCH THE BITCH. KICK HER TO THE CURB! If you would do all these things for her and she "won't do the same," I say it's time to find another girl that can appreciate you for basically protecting the one you love. Find a girl that would do the exact same because trust me, unrequited love SUCKS. That is all.

Actually, that is not all. Does anyone else think Mr. Mars should keep his hat on? He looks like a completely different person. Also, seriously, don't for real jump in front of a train for that cheating whore. Seriously, that is really all now.

p.s. I'm not all about hate today. I'm slightly brain dead from lack of sleep, and you must forgive my ridiculous post. It's still finals week, with my last test being at 8 a.m. I will not be sleeping tonight, I can promise you that :)

p.p.s. Here are 3 pictures from my Little's 21st birthday this past weekend. I realized today when I was adding them to my computer that I never updated on that. Please forgive me! If you really would like to hear all the crazy shenanigans that went down, I can update that with my next post. I just don't want to bore anyone with something that happened almost a week ago. :D

Me and the Birthday Girl Josalyn!
My friend Sam and me
Sam, our friend Chris, and me...I really don't remember why we took the picture like this.
 Wish me good luck on my last final in my second-to-last semester as a college undergrad!

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