Monday, December 6, 2010


So just in case you don't follow college football (and you should), The University of Oklahoma beat The University of Nebraska Saturday night 23-20. I was there for it. I have a picture of it on my phone but I'm still trying to figure out how to blog from my phone. (I may go in later and edit this post to add the picture of my view. It was a great view!) I stayed in Flower Mound, TX with my friend Janelle and got to cheer on the Sooners. It was fantastic.

I'm thoroughly exhausted from little sleep tonight, so I just wanted to give a quick update about how much fun I had, and to leave you with this picture that I got from Sam at Love Never Fails from when I finished my half. I was so excited about it and I wanted to share how great I felt after I finished! I cannot express to you how grateful I was to have her there to be able to see a familiar face when I crossed the finish line.

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!


  1. I was so glad I was able to be there for it all dear! You rocked that race and I'm so proud of ya :) You look great in your pic and I'm so glad you had fun at the game. I can only imagine how awesome it was!

    Also, on your post below; I have a few book suggestions I think you will really like :)

    "The Hunger Games" series:

    "Bet Me" {you will LOVE this book. not even kidding. it's one of, it not, my favorite books of all time}:

    and any book by Jennifer Weiner.

    I purchased the book "The Help" just recently as well. After finals and I finish the Hunger Games series I plan on reading it along with "Girl With a Dragon Tattoo".

  2. ahh THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SOME FEEDBACK! I need books at the end of final days to help me relax and unwind and prepare myself to buckle down and study the next day. YOU'RE AMAZING!


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