Tuesday, February 1, 2011

30 Days of Truth: Day 18

Day 18: Your Views on Gay Marriage

This is where I might get some grief from those closest to me.

My views are liberally conservative typically, but this is where the liberal comes out a little bit more.

The Bible does say that homosexuality is a sin. It says it in the Old Testament, so according to my religious beliefs it's wrong.

But my personal beliefs says that we shouldn't judge people. I feel like the only person who is allowed to judge others is God. I'm not saying that I am guilt-less when it comes to judging others, but in the end I will have to answer for my own sins.

If two people are happy and want to have a piece of paper that says they are legally bound to each other, why does it matter if they are gay or straight? And if we're going to start saying who can and cannot be married, why can't we do it with straight couples? So many marriages in today's world end in divorce. straight marriages end in divorce. From the few homosexual people I know, they put more thought into what it is he or she is looking for in a mate. I feel like if we would just let homosexual people get married, maybe straight couples would be able to ask them for advice for happy marriages.

I'm not saying all straight couples hate each other and all homosexuals shit sunshine and rainbows. I'm just asking for some equality, hell, it was given to women and people of color.


  1. Oh man- I dream of a day when people spend more energy putting work into their OWN relationships than criticizing and controlling others' choices...

  2. I've been reading for only a short time and this is my first comment. I just want to say I couldn't agree with you more!

  3. I tend to agree completely with you on this.


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