Thursday, February 10, 2011

February 9, 2011 marked the day my heart was broken.

Dear Friends,

I just wanted to inform you that around 4:30 p.m. (CST) on February 9, 2011, my heart was hurt forever. If you haven't been following me very long, go back and read this post. I'll wait until you get back.

doo doo doo, doo-da-doo doo doo, doo-doo-doo-doo-DOO doo-doo-doo
(Jeopardy! theme song)

Okay I'm done being silly. Back to heart hurting.

So as I read that again, I realized that post did not give my obsession with kay-ee-dollarsign-ha any justice. Seriously, I have been obsessed with her since "Tik Tok" came out. As soon as the album came out, I bought it on iTunes. Because I bought it on iTunes, I got a free download of a remix of "Blah Blah Blah." Because I was a fan of her on twitter, I joined her fansite. Then because I was a member of the fansite, I got a free download of "We R Who We R." Then she released album number two, and you best believe I paid almost $10 for 9 songs, with one of those 9 being a remix of a song off her first album. To say I'm a fan is an understatement.

To me, parties are not complete without a couple Ke$ha songs on the playlist. Mixed CD's are not complete without an upbeat Ke$ha song (even if it's a playlist to tell someone you're secretly in love with them). I love the beats, and the lyrics are so damn catchy that I find myself singing them all the time!

What I love about Ke$ha is that she is a crazy drunken (maybe coked-out) girl, and she knows she is and is okay with it. She doesn't care. She's Ke$ha.

When I found out she was coming to Tulsa, I almost peed my pants. seriously. Her show was originally scheduled for a Saturday. To me, this was perfect because I could go home for the weekend, and maybe even drink a little at her concert.

BUT NO. Somewhere up the totem pole, they decided Ke$ha no longer needed a Saturday show in Tulsa, even though the tickets sold out the week they went on sale. Nope, her concert is now on a Monday. MONDAY! That's blasphemy.

But what does a crazy obsessed psycho fan do when a show is changed?
Tweet about it. Twice:

  • @keshasuxx your Tulsa show changed dates? It being on a MONDAY is going to make it difficult for me to be able to attend :(
  • @keshasuxx just crushed my dreams of seeing her in concert. I have been excited about this since November 19, 2010. :(
Then I went to her fansite and commented on the date.
Then my friends tried to cheer me up by posting parodies on my site. No thank you. As a crazy obsessed psycho true lover of all things Ke$ha, the parodies are insulting.

There may possibly still be a decently good chance I will go to the show. But now I don't know that I will get to go all out and dress the part, since I will have to leave OKC after classes and then return back to OKC so I can go to class on Tuesday (it's a 9:30 capstone class, no way I can skip *sadface*).

I guess we'll just see how much of a crazy obsessed psycho true fan/ lover of all things Ke$ha I am.
le sigh.


  1. A true fan wouldn't complain. Don't get me started on DMB and David Bowie concerts.

  2. I AM SO SAD!!!!

    Ke$ha.... sigh....

  3. you're too funny, I really expected to see something sad (ok, I guess this is pretty sad to you, but you know what I mean). I hope something works out for you, you psycho fan, you :)

  4. I think you will go! :-) When I first started reading the post I was like "Oh No, What happened" then I continued reading and remembered your heartache!

  5. Phffft. Do your coked out imitation of art imitating life. Seriously. This is experience talking here.


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