Monday, February 28, 2011

I love me some March Madness.

WARNING: This post is abnormally long; I felt like I had a lot to say to end the month of February. Sincerest apologies.

This lady is SO ready for March. First of all SPRING BREAK and MARCH MADNESS!! (I told you I was a sports fan.)

Also, I realized this evening that I have just kind of been going through the motions the past two months, and that's no way to take on a year that has endless potentials.
I mean, I started off great taking a road trip to Phoenix and all, but somewhere along the way I kind of got stuck in a routine. This is NOT acceptable, Miss Battiest!

So here's to March!

  • NO MORE GOING THROUGH THE ROUTINE. If you're going to do something, have a purpose for it. This includes sitting on facebook.
  • MORE COMMUNITY SERVICE! I'm in two organizations that make community service easily accessible and what do I do? NOTHING!
  • ONE BIG/little DATE WITH EACH little INDIVIDUALLY! That equates to one a weekend--yikes! Better work on #1 soon (haven't seen her since before Christmas break). (And roommate, this also means that spring break DOES NOT count.)
  • APPRECIATE YOUR WORKOUTS. No more slacking because you don't feel like it. Get your ass up and MOVE! (This past week being forced to relax has taken its toll on me. I'm dieing here!)
  • WHATEVER YOU DO NEXT YEAR, BE HAPPY WITH IT. This means being in Tulsa taking classes or being elsewhere teaching I find out about Teach for America tomorrow...wish me luck!
Whew! Glad that's out of the way. Now on to more fun stuff :)

First off, I just want to recognize all the new readers! Within the past week, I have gained 10+ followers. *happy dance* I never really think the stuff I have to say is that interesting, but THANK YOU!

With spring break coming up, and me not getting to work out for two weeks, I did a little online retail therapy this weekend. I don't buy for myself often, but sometimes you run across deals you just can't pass up. I'm a lover of the store Vanity, and they are having a spring break special, buy one get one half off. Typically their full price stuff is a little more money than I'm willing to part with, but they have these shirts on sale! So I bought 4! They're very plain jane, but I will totally wear them this summer! It'll be a nice break from my typical t-shirts!

I also bought a very pretty necklace from this etsy shop. I was first introduced to etsy back in August or so, and in October or November I put a lot of necklaces in my "favorites." When I logged back in on Wednesday, there were only two necklaces that hadn't been sold. One of them I didn't really like, so I bought the other one. In my eyes, I was meant to have the necklace! It arrived in two days! That's right, it was in Norman before I was! Here's the necklace:
I couldn't find my camera to take a picture of it, so this is from the transaction details.
I love it. I'm so happy I didn't talk myself out of buying it.

And last but not least:
The very pretty, very funny Shay of Laugh Until Your Cheeks Hurt awarded me with this fun blog award:
I always like awards! So here are the rules:
Since I have now accepted this award (which she so fantastically named the smelly armpit award), I have to list five things about myself. However, only one of these facts will be true! The other four have a bit of truth in them, but are ultimately incorrect. Think you can guess which one is real?
This in fact, makes me a liar too Shay!

1. My favorite color is purple, my second favorite color is green.
2. I have visited 20 of the United States (including driving through them). 
3. The University of Oklahoma was the only school I applied to.
4. I don't drink pop ("soda") very often, but when I do my pop of choice is Dr. Pepper.
5. I've been hospitalized twice.

Can you figure it out? I tried to make it a little difficult, and if you know me and you know the real answer don't spoil the fun for everyone else! GEEZ!

Well poo. I, like Shay, forgot to tag people in this award. Here are my 5:
1. roommate at "I Like Bread" in Mandarin (Wo xihuan mianbao.) because maybe if she gets an award she'll blog more consistently.
2. Big at 1000 Different Pieces for the same reason as roommate
3. Chrissy over at Chrissy in America because she is one of my newest addictions
4. Jamie over at The CP because she is also a newest addiction
5. And the new mommy-to-be Jessica at Happily Ever After because I just miss you and I said so.
--also, it's not required to tell why you tag people, that's just what I do because I'm cool like that.

Okay I lied, ONE MORE THING! Don't forget to check back tomorrow! I have my very first ever Tell the World Tuesday! It's a good one, and the woman who was my guinea pig is sure to make you laugh!
(Also, sorry for throwing all the links at you today. Okay now I'm really done I promise!)


  1. Haha, you are too funny. I am thinking, from my knowledge gained in previous posts, it is the University of Oklahoma one!
    Cute necklace!! And good luck finding out about Teach for America! :)

  2. love the back ground of your blog!

  3. I choose Numbah Foar!

    And whatchu talkin' 'bout, "Long Post"? I couldn't have brewed any coffee while reading this! It was just right in length.

  4. Oh I really need to heart basketball more. Every season I say I will and then fall off the wagon.

    <3, New Follower
    Everyone loves a giveaway

  5. I love the goals you have set- more community service and spending time with a purpose- LOVE IT! And, of course- love that you participated in the tag, I thought it was kind of fun;-) And my guess is number 3! Yay!


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