Thursday, February 3, 2011

A blizzard? In the midwest? YES I KNEW THAT.

So in case you haven't heard, the midwest region had a blizzard beginning on Monday evening. What does that mean for this lady who hates cold temperatures, wind chills and snow? It means four days of cancelled classes only to be filled with being an old lady. And by old lady I mean, I sat in my bed for around 36 hours reading books or watching movies and accompanying that with glasses of hot tea. I'm not your typical 23 year old and that's okay.

I did give my eyes a rest yesterday when I went to watch our men's basketball team take on the Baylor Bears, and can I say that it was the perfect break from the house. One, I heart me some basketball, and two it was a damn good game. The final score was Baylor 66, OU 73 but the score doesn't give it justice to the feel of the game. The crowd even did the wave during one of the TV timeouts, and that's something that doesn't happen too often inside our basketball arena (football, now that's a pretty impressive wave). Because of the weather, the game was postponed from Tuesday evening, and they had free admission. Not many students came out still, but I very much enjoyed sitting in the very front row where I could see the sweat drip off of the beautiful Cade Davis' face. And trust me, it was beautiful.

I'm probably the only person in this house that does not have cabin fever. I would much rather stay in my comfy bed all day than leave. I hate getting bundled up, and I hate how hot I get once I get inside again. So these days without class have been perfect so that I would not have to bundle up.

But it is going to be oh so difficult to find motivation to be productive in classes for next week. And I still have 2 or 3 homework assignments I need to do. lamesauce.

I hope that those of you who have gotten to stay home because of the weather have enjoyed your days off as much as I have. And if you didn't get any time off, well I hope this weekend coming up is as restful as you need it to be.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's Fab Friend Friday feature. I can't wait to start spot lighting all of my lovely friends each week (and no, this technically won't be my weekly thing that I mentioned in this post because I am borrowing the hop from For the Love of Blogs). I also have a pretty laid back weekend coming up with a few adventures planned for Saturday afternoon. I hope you have some fun adventures coming up too!

Happy almost weekend friends!


  1. I'm definitely an "old lady" 20 something... I do crosswords and drink mugs and mugs of tea and I like crafts...
    no shame!

  2. Oh man, I can't imagine what you guys are going through with all this snow!! My family is in El Paso & they got their good amount of snow but I bet it's nothing like where you are!! Stay Warm girl!!

  3. Hope you are keeping warm, and your 'old lady' days sound WONDERFUL :) Looking forward to today's post!

  4. Hi Mallori, over here from FTLOB:) I heard about the blizzard! That is so mad. Here it's a few degrees + but it snowed last night... I think your snow day sounds fantastic!!! I sure wouldn't mind reading books, watching movies and drinking tea!!! I definitely will do that when I finish my studies:)

  5. @Meri: I'm glad I'm not the only old lady 20-something. I love me some hot tea :)

    @Diana: We got even more snow today! I feel like it's never going to end! I'm just scared for what is to come in classes.

    @TexaGermaNadian: I am keeping very warm in my bed :) We've been lucky here in Norman and haven't lost power/had the pipes frozen. Hope you enjoyed my spotlight ;-)

    @Susi: I have very much enjoyed my snow days, but I'm going to have to get back to business tomorrow and do school work. It's quite unfortunate.


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