Thursday, February 3, 2011

30 Days of Truth: Day 20

Day 20: Your view on drugs and alcohol.

Today's truth may be a little lengthy, so please bear with me.

My thought on drugs is that for the most part, they should be illegal. I really wish our nation would legalize marijuana, not because I am a user myself but because I feel that there are so many things that could benefit from legalization. We would be able to empty out some prison cells that contain inmates whose only crime is the production of marijuana. It would leave these cells open for people who have committed other crimes like murder and rape. I also think that if it were legalized, then there would be a way to regulate it and tax the crap out of it. I also believe that if it were legalized, the stigma of "doing something bad" might lessen, and maybe less people would be doing it. I also feel like it would cut down on crime against the people selling it from their drug lord.

The things that I understand about marijuana make it hard to understand why it is illegal but cigarettes are not. Cigarettes have so many additives and chemicals, and they alter brain function. They have chemicals in them to make them addictive. I was told that marijuana does not, and that it is a pretty natural thing (I'm not exactly sure of this).

As far as other drugs go, I believe they should stay illegal. They alter brain function and can cause people to do things they wouldn't normally do. But this is where it gets touchy, because if marijuana were legalized, I'm afraid more people would try other drugs that are a little more harsh on the body, like heroin, meth, and cocaine.

If I were to completely go along with the "alters brain function" thing, then I would have to say that alcohol should be illegal too. But that is not my view.
I enjoy a glass of wine with dinner, a nice cold beer in the summer, and a mixed drink or two when I'm going out with friends. I feel that when it is consumed responsibly, alcohol can add just the right flavor to any dish without causing harm to the consumer. And red wine has fantastic health benefits (when drank correctly).

But the issue with the abuse of alcohol is what I have a problem with. Too many families are torn apart by drinking and drunk drivers. I am all for alcohol, but I'm all for drinking alcohol responsibly. If you have the money to spend at a bar, put some aside and get a cab ride home if you've had more than one drink. Rotate who is being a Desginated Driver every time you go out. Don't leave without everyone. If you are DD, make sure your friends aren't consuming too much. It's not that hard to be safe about the consumption of alcohol.

I also believe that if you are 18 and go straight into the military service, then you should be able to consume as well. If you can fight for our country, why can't you drink too? But I don't believe this should be extended to everyone who is 18. When I was underage, I wanted it to be 18. But now that I have had a couple years of being able to drink legally, I see the importance in the delay in legal age.I don't think a majority of 18 year olds are mature enough to deal with the implications of drinking.

But once you are of age, please enjoy the tastes as much as I do!

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  1. This certainly is never going to be a black and white topic- it's so messy when you get into all of the results (good or bad) that come from alcohol/drug use. And I'm including prescription drugs, antidepressants, even birth control in this too- it all comes together to pros and cons.
    Interesting insights :)


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