Sunday, February 13, 2011

30 Days of Truth: Day 30

Day 30: A letter to yourself, tell yourself EVERYTHING you love about yourself.

Dear Mallori,
First off, I am so proud of you for being brave in exposing so many things about you, your life, your background, and your hopes for the future. I must be honest with you, at first I didn't know if you'd be able to make it through it all. I'm so glad you did, because all along the way you made a lot of self discoveries that will help you grow exponentially as a person. You should definitely do this again in 5-10 years.

With that being said, I am just going to list off everything I love about you. I don't want to explain them all.
Here goes...
The color of your eyes, your height, your teeth, your smile, your hair, your ability to be completely serious when you need to be and the ability to be as goofy as you want, your drive for your education, the way you love your family, the way you love your friends, the passion you have towards things that make you happy, the way you complete things when you set out to do them, how much you love running and reffing, the way you never did let people in your past bring you down,
I love that you know exactly who you are, what you want to become, what will make you happy, and how you will not change any of it for anyone but yourself.

You rock girl!
-Mal :)

Okay, that felt a little narcissistic. But it's all true :-S


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