Tuesday, February 8, 2011

30 Days of Truth: Day 25

Day 25: The reason you believe you're still alive today.

This one has taken me about a week to think about, and I'm still not entirely sure of any of my answers except one.

The first answer is my education. I yearn to learn. No I'm serious. I love learning new things that interest me. Me wanting to get a higher education helped me persevere.
my soon-to-be alma mater
The second is because of this guy:
We dated at a rough time in my life. I was dealing with losing best friends, losing new friends, causing hurt in others, and a lack of confidence in myself. But he was there patiently encouraging me. He didn't have to. In fact, it irritated the crap out of him that I had lost confidence in myself. But he still stood by me when I needed it most.

The last reason is for these six people:
My four cousins and my two brothers. Without them, my world would mean nothing. I love all six of them very deeply and crave the days that I get to spend with them, even if it's doing nothing. They are the reason that I am absolutely positive of that I'm alive today. It also stands true for the rest of my family. Here lately, I haven't been as good of a daughter as I should be, but it's because I've got personal issues that I'm trying to work through in order to change that.

Now that I have made some amazing friends, I am still alive for each of them. They are what gets me up in the mornings. They are what make me laugh and smile throughout the day. They are the ones I cry to. They are the ones I love almost as much as I love my family. And they are the ones that I can never have enough time with.

Those amazing friends should know who they are. If it weren't for my family and friends, I don't know what I would do.


  1. this 30 days of truth is great project - I have do it also I guess!!!

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  2. I think the key to your whole post/ answer is family! The family you grow up with, and the family you make for yourself and build over a lifetime. I like this post, it made me think about my own family.

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  3. Sounds like you have a great support system around you. You've told bloggyland, now go tell these amazing people :)
    Still really loving the 30 days of truth!

  4. Love this post, so sweet! I am the same way about learning. I LOVE IT! And I truly believe that is why we are here- to love our families and to LEARN!

  5. I just found this pretty little space and I LOVEEEEEEE it! :)

    don't mind that I am going to click the follow button right now....



  6. Those are some amazing reasons to still be alive!!

    I gave you the Versatile Blogger Award! You can go to my blog to grab the button! :-)


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