Wednesday, January 19, 2011

30 Days of Truth: Day 05

Day 05: Something You Hope to Do in Your Life

Well wouldn't you know it, I have a whole bucket list here :)
These are all things that I want to do with in my lifetime, and I don't have any set date for any of them.

However, that is SO BORING to just send you to my bucket list and that be today's truth, so instead I will take ONE item on my bucket list and explain.

Bucket List item: Live in London.

Parliament/Big Ben

The summer after I graduated from high school, I was blessed enough to be able to travel to Europe TWICE. The first time, I went on a tour around the continent, landing first in London and then crossing the Channel into France and doing a circle around the continent. (I spent 8 days in Italy alone!) I was gone for about a month, and I thoroughly enjoyed everything I did and every city I visited. I also made some amazingly fantastic friends from around the globe!

We have these on OU's campus, but they're SO MUCH COOLER in London!

Maybe it was because it was the first city I visited, maybe it was because everyone spoke a language I understood, but I FELL IN LOVE WITH LONDON. I loved the big city that it was, I loved that we walked a lot of places, I loved that when we didn't walk there was public transportation that was pretty easy to navigate, I loved that there was so much history within the town, I loved that there were parks EVERYWHERE, I loved the architecture, I loved EVERYTHING.

Once I returned stateside, I ached to go back to London and visit again. I felt like I wasn't in the city long enough to be able to truly appreciate what it had to offer.

Two years later, I joined a sorority. I met the girl who would soon be my big and best friend, and she told me about how she and her family had lived in London at one point when she was younger. My mind was blown. I never even thought about living anywhere else besides the good ol' U.S. of A., and I couldn't believe she had lived there and then moved back like it was no big deal.

Then I became obsessed. I started making plans on when and how I was going to do it. I loved the idea of one day telling my adopted children "Mommy lived in a flat in London for a little bit in her twenties." I mean, how cool of a mom would I be?! Plus, with me not having a boyfriend and not having kids, aka no real responsibilities, moving there for a while and then moving right back should be a piece of cake!

As of right now, I'm still working on plans. I'm not entirely sure that it will pan out how I originally planned, but it is still something I ache for. I want to be in a big city on my own for a little bit just because I can. I don't want to let go of things that I truly believe will add to my life experience and that will make me happy. So this, THIS is the BIG thing I hope to do in my life. :)

Thank you for reading!

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  1. This would be so awesome to do!! I'm not sure if I could live outside of the united states - however, sometimes I look at how things are here and think maybe somewhere else is a good option - haha. I've thought about Australia! I have heard that's a nice place to live!


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