Thursday, January 20, 2011

...Wait, What?! I Got an Award?!?!!!!

Yes that is right, ladies and gentlemen. This Blogger, right here got her very first blog award! I am so excited, so thankful, so HONORED to have received this award! I've seen many of my blogging friends receive blogging awards, and I've always been very excited and wondered how many awards were out there! SO, without further ado, here is my post dedicated to my very first award! :)

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.
2. Answer 10 questions.
3. Pass it along to 7 blogs you've recently discovered and enjoy.
4. Leave your recipients a note, telling them about the award.

thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU to the lovely Miss Amanda over at The Little Yellow House Blog. I appreciate you thinking of me when you received this award!

The 10 Questions:
1. Why did you create this blog?
-I first created it to have an outlet to express how lonely I was. Not such a great way to start a blog. BUT, by reading an OU alumni's blog at Fairytale Beginning, I decided that I wanted to change up the blog. I wanted it to be a way for me to remember what it is I love about my life, what it is that I think makes it beautiful day in and day out, and a way for me to remember 50 years down the road what was important to me at the time I wrote it :)

2. What kinds of blogs do you follow?
-I seriously follow ALL KINDS of blogs! I mostly follow the blogs that my friends own, and when I am out and about looking for new blogs, I read through a couple of their pages and posts to see if they write about things I am truly interested in. And a couple of blogs I follow simply because they make me laugh. I'm not big on fashion blogs (just because I have NO sense of fashion myself), but I do love the cooking blogs I find (since I will have to begin cooking for myself soon).

3. Favorite make-up brand?
-ohh man, I'm not really a "make-up" kind of person. I mostly use eyeliner and mascara....but I do love eyes.lips.face. (or e.l.f.) simply because everything is $1 and I can try new things without spending a fortune on them!

4. Favorite clothing brand?
-I LOVE Vanity! It is a little boutique-type store that has jeans long enough for me at a REALLY reasonable price! I also love GAP clothing, probably because I worked there for a year and a half.

5. Indispensable makeup product?
-mascara and chap stick :)

6. Favorite color?
-I hope my background/banner/text color give a clue here, but hands down it's purple, which is kind of ironic because I'm not a big girlie girl.

7. Favorite perfume?
-I prefer body splashes because they aren't as potent, but I have two that I wear, Live by Jennifer Lopez, and Love Kills Slowly by Ed Hardy. (No judging, I really love the non-overpowering floral-y scent that is in the Ed Hardy perfume!)

8. Favorite film?
-I'm TERRIBLE at picking favorite things....I love all kinds of movies, and for the most part it depends what mood I'm in as to what movie I want to watch... SOME favorites include: Grease, Pretty Woman, Dirty Dancing, Love & Basketball, The Ugly Truth, The Hangover, The House Bunny, Harry Potters, Saws.

9. What country would you like to visit and why?
-Again, there are so many! I want to travel all over! But I truly think the one country I want to see most is Greece for many reasons. It didn't fit into my tour that I went on in 2006, the pictures from the coast are always gorgeous, and there is SOOOO much history within the country that I would probably pee my pants from so much excitement.

10. Would you rather forget to put mascara on one eye or forget blush on one side of your face?
-I think mascara . . . I don't really wear blush, and at least with the mascara, I could easily make it look somewhat normal . . . maybe . . .

And now, to pass along this award, here are 7 blogs I've recently discovered and enjoy (in no particular order):
  1. Angie at Living Aloha
  2. Kristin at Diary of KFun
  3. Donna at Write Now, Write Later
  4. Kendra (and Ryan) at A Grimm Tale
  5. Valerie at Threads and Thoughts and Things I Love
  6. Lindsey at TexaGermaNadian
  7. The FOUR writers at Legos In My Pocket
Go check all of them out! They are great blogs that I enjoy reading with every update!


  1. oh thanx you so much dearie! I will get this up asap! Ur awesome! :)

  2. Congrats girl! And thank you so much for linking me up with this, that was really, really sweet of you (And BTW, my name is Lindsey, just so ya know :)). I love the questions that come with this award, they are great. Can't wait to repost.
    Oh, and to comment back on your comment on my blog (did that make sense?!), hey, I followed you back because I wanted to :) Like I said, I really enjoy your writing. You write the way my mind thinks, so it is a fun read. Can't wait to follow more in the future! Thanks again :) And glad you see you are having a good Thursday!

  3. thanks, mallori! you're so sweet!

    and also, i wanted to give you some major props for having such courage to tell your truths in such a public forum. that takes so much strength, and i admire you for putting it out there for others to read. i'm sure you are connecting on a deep level with so many people!

  4. Oh wow, I'm just getting back from an extended break from blogging, and this is GREAT! Thank you so much! I'll definitely be posting this soon with answers! Thanks again! Yay!


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