Thursday, January 27, 2011

30 Days of Truth: Day 13

Day 13: A Band or Artist that has Gotten You Through Some Tough Ass Days (Write a Letter.)

Dear Kelly Clarkson,

I fell in love with your music when you won American Idol. Even though I never watched your season (or really, any season since), your voice was one of my favorite new sounds back in 2002. I truly believe there is a reason you were the first American Idol. I loved that the girl who won wasn't a cookie-cutter of the current pop stars. You demanded attention on stage, and I loved that I could relate to your lyrics.

I bought your first album, but I must confess that I only listened to the songs I knew (shame on me). But then, in 2004, you released Breakaway. I was hooked. The songs on this album seemed to be a little deeper, and I couldn't help but sing my heart out to "Since U Been Gone." Breakaway helped me through my senior year when I was giving up on the hope of having friends, saw me through the nervousness of attending college, and then the heartbreak of trying to distance myself from my very beloved high school sweetheart. I wish I knew what it was about your lyrics and voice that made me fall in love with your music, but I seriously love ALL of it.

And, I kind of adopted "Beautiful Disaster" (from Breakaway) as my theme song (only changing a little bit of it to say that I am a beautiful disaster).

But no, you weren't done yet. With My December came girl anger, and a calming song that I still am obsessed with to this day, "Sober." Here is where you let your soul show through your music and reminded me that everything is going to be okay. I'm very sad to tell you that this is the only CD of yours that I do not own, but I have heard all the tracks and love it just as much, if not more than your first two.

So when you came out with All I Ever Wanted in 2009, there was no question as to if I was buying it. And can I just say, I think this one may be the one that impresses me most. You have such variety in all of your songs throughout the entire album! I loved singing and dancing to the first two singles you released :) They were the perfect pop songs I was looking for. But then you slow it down with "Already Gone," and I felt like you took the words right out of myself.

But my favorite? You showing that pop girls can rap with "Whyyawannabringmedown." OB-freaking-SESSED. I find myself jamming to it all the time.

Please continue to make music that I love and speaks to me. Without some of your lyrics, I would have never gotten out of bed on some days. Some of your lyrics remind me that "it's gonna be alright."

Mallori, forever in your debt for the songs you produce.


  1. Kelly has gotten me through SOOO MUCH.

    Couldn't agree more.

  2. I will have to agree that Kelly has some songs that have really hit home.


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