Tuesday, January 11, 2011

as promised, I'm back tonight!

WARNING: The beginning of the following post is NOT happy-go-lucky, and is a little bit whiny. If you continue reading, do not say you haven't been warned.

Okay, so I got up to complete my drive to the wonderful state of Oklahoma today. I only had about an 8 hour drive, with about 30 minutes or so in New Mexico, 4 ish hours in Texas, and 4 ish hours in Oklahoma to return to my hometown. If you remember from this post, at one point the speed limit in Texas got up to 80 mph. So naturally, it seems like people in Texas like to go fast. Also, being in Norman, I get to experience Texas drivers all the time because a majority of students at OU are from Texas. THEY LIKE TO GO FAST. While in New Mexico, the speed limit was 75, and once I crossed into the Texas border, it dropped to 70 mph. So, because I really can't afford a ticket right now, I dropped my cruise from 78 ish to just above 70. I figured with me barely going over I was probably safe, because typically I can go about 5 over here in Oklahoma without getting a ticket (depending on where I'm driving). Well apparently going 72 is too fast. I got pulled over for going TWO miles over the speed limit. I was completely flabbergasted because I have witnessed Texas drivers going 15-20 mph over without even getting a second glance. LUCKILY, the Texas Highway Patrolman let me off with just a warning. I'm actually not all that upset about it now. I was uber upset about it when it happened, but it's been a good 10 hours or so since it happened.

Normal happy post is now commencing :)
With all that being said, I have arrived safely back to my home! But holy crap when did it get so cold in Oklahoma?!?!! I absolutely hate everything about being cold, and this is almost miserable! In Arizona, "cold" was a high of mid-40s. Now that's my kind of cold! Despite the cold though, I did get to return to my family, who seemed to miss me dearly. I'm not kidding about this. I went to Aunt Jessica's to return the gun (oh yeah, I didn't mention, I carried a handgun with me throughout my entire trip since I was travelling alone for my personal safety. I was scared of the gun at first, but then it ended up just being, meh.). I was standing there talking to Jess and her husband Ryan when Ryan said "Take your shoes off and stay a while!" But I had already told other aunt that I would be returning the book I borrowed. So I went to Aunt Annya's house to return the book. Once I walked in the door, the youngest cousin came running from her room and tried to permanently attach herself to my neck. Do you have any idea how loved that makes a person feel?! It was a pretty great feeling. I then returned to Jess', where MacKenzie was trying on dresses for basketball homecoming. The twins were glad to see me too. It was a pretty great feeling.

I hope you all felt as loved today as I did!


  1. 2 miles is ridiculous!!! I can't believe they even pulled you over. Hypocrites. lol. And here's to add to the love: I LOVE YOU! :)

  2. WELCOME HOME! i'm glad you made it and yes the cold does stink! 0 degrees actual temperature today here in nebraska.

    i'm happy you just got a warning when you got pulled over. 2 miles over...really? What is this?!?

    have a lovely day friend! xoxoxo

  3. Katy: you have no idea how upset I was at all this. But now it's okay. Funny thing, their warnings are like a receipt!

    Lindsay: Thank you! I am glad that the trip home didn't include any scary snowstorms or anything like that. I don't like the cold.

    I was very confused by the 2 mph over too. I've never experienced that before! I hope you have a lovely day as well! :)


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