Monday, January 17, 2011

Back in my Second Hometown

I returned to Norman yesterday afternoon. I wasn't going to come back until tonight, but a friend of mine texted me late Saturday night and told me he was throwing an MLK Jr Day party last night. Of course I wasn't going to miss out hanging with my friends, so I decided to come back earlier than my original intentions.

We started out at his house, sitting around and talking and catching up and having a few beers. One of the Aarons brought a new girl over named Amanda, and she was one of the coolest girls I've ever met! I enjoyed meeting her and I hope she comes around more!

Around 11 (it might have even been earlier than that), we all decided to go to Campus Corner here in Norman. I immediately thought of a friend of mine when I got there because she had gone to this bar for New Years Eve and has a funny story about that. Sam Bradford was also there, and one of the Chris' informed me that Gresham was there too (I never saw him). We all sat around at the table talking, laughing, and drinking more, and just enjoying the evening for what it was: The last night before classes start for a majority of us, and spending time with friends whom we haven't seen in a month.

I'm not going to lie, it was a hott mess all over the place. We definitely had a couple of DD's, and Josalyn (who didn't go to the Corner with us) even came over around 2:30 to make sure I was okay. hott mess all over the place.

Tomorrow, I begin my last semester as an undergrad in Norman. Holy crap. Kind of freaking out about it, but also nervous and excited. Tomorrow is a fairly easy day, I begin at 9:30 with my capstone class, and then I have a workout class at 1:30 followed by Freedom in Rome at 3. And then that's it for my Tuesday. My entire semester is kind of like this, so it will be a good last semester without too many papers and projects due.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Freedom in Rome and Greece were awesome classes. Fears is still around?


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