Saturday, January 8, 2011

Unseasonably High Weather ALWAYS Leads to Arctic Fronts in OK

It is Saturday, and I am supposed to begin my trek back to Oklahoma tomorrow. Much to my dismay, the area is looking like it is going to be hit with some wintery weather. NOT SO FUN. I want to take the "Northern" I-40 route, as opposed to the Southern I-10 route because of many reasons: it shaves off some hours driving time, thus saving the amount of money spent on gas, and putting me back in Oklahoma in plenty of time to watch the BCS National Championship. If you know ANYTHING about me, you know I love my college football. I'm like a man when it comes to this sport. It's sad. Anyways, I digress. I'm hoping that it won't be too bad of weather so that I can still plan on driving this route, and enjoy being back in Sperry sooner.

However, tonight Erika and I are supposed to be going out and this "going out" is supposed to include a lot of her coworkers again (these people are a lot of fun to hang out with). If things go the way we are planning them now, it is going to be difficult to be up and ready to go at a decent hour to get some substantial driving time in tomorrow. I don't really want to wait until Monday to leave because I don't want to be overstaying my welcome. Do you see the problem here? I am not entirely sure what to do.

I say we are going out tonight, but currently Erika is in bed with a migraine and I don't know if it will get better in time. If not, I guess I can look forward to waking up around 6 or so to hit the road and get as much driving in as possible on Sunday. If I drive about 17 hours Sunday like I did on my way out here, and get to go the northern route, I will have almost no driving time on Monday. But I don't want to get up at 6, and I would like for us to get to go out tonight.

Sorry about the random ramblings, these are just all the thoughts going through my head this morning (afternoon). Okay, not ALL the thoughts, but the thoughts about my trip back home and such. There are not enough websites in the world for me to post everything I'm thinking. I think I have blogging A.D.D. today. Please excuse me.

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  1. I have ADD as well! Hope you made it home safe lady :) and glad you had fun in AZ. LOVVVVVEDDDD your photo swap pic today!


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