Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Tale of New Things and Things to Come!

Yesterday, I sat around at Erika's apartment all day. I really want to take a new direction with my blog, and I know I've said that a couple times. I want an all-new background, banner, buttons, the whole works! Since I had a lot of time on my hands, I began looking around at friends' blogs to see if I could maybe figure out how and where to begin. I am so excited to let you all know that I created a couple buttons for my blog! So if you share buttons on your blog, you can now add mine if you would like! I gave you two options, one with some BEAUTIFUL Arizona scenery, and the other is a picture of me. I wasn't sure if everyone would want my face on their blogs or not, so that's why I gave the option of the scenery.

I hope you'll also notice that I have cleaned up my left sidebar quite a bit, and just under my profile information I have created a list of links to different pages within my site and to my real-life blogging friends Baxter and Sam. I made an "about me" page for the extra followers that I have who may not know very much about me. It's post-dated to just before I started blogging consistently. I also wanted to create a link to my Bucket List page so that every time I let you know that something else has been crossed off, you can go and check my progress on accomplishments yourself.

Along with tinkering around things for my blog, I also found a meme that I would LOVE to do. It is called 30 Days of Truth. I found this when I was referred to Write Now Write Later via Scenic Glory. Lindsay at Scenic Glory did a guest post on Write Now Write Later, and being the curious person that I am, I scrolled through a little bit of her blog. I saw her posts of 30 days of truth, and I found the list. It's a pretty phenomenal little meme, and does a lot of soul-searching. When reading through the things that the list asks you to write about, I realized that it is going to be a TOUGH list to complete. I'm going to be completely honest with an internet full of unknown people, and I'm sure I will leave each post feeling a little exposed. Not excited about the feeling of exposure, but I'm hoping that by participating, I will discover more about myself and continue to grow as a person exponentially. Look forward to that beginning on January 15. I kind of wanted to wait until I had a month that was 30 days, but then I realized the next month that's 30 days is April. That's 3 months away. I don't want to wait that long. So I figured that half way into the first month of the new year would be a good time to start :)

OKAY. With all that being said, I am enjoying catching up on all of your posts, and seeing everything you all did during your break! I'm also excited to be participating in next week's photo swap with all my blogging friends over at A Grimm Tale! Look for the photo swap next Monday to see all the pictures that everyone is taking!

Have a wonderful Tuesday! And be sure to check out my "about me" page to get to know me a little better!


  1. hello lovely lady :) I think your blog look is coming along beautifully and I love your buttons!! The shape of the mountain one is just fantastic! I will be adding it to my blog page this evening!!!

    I'm excited to see your 30 days of truths! I think it is interesting and so lookforward to yours :) isn't Donna great?!?

    Thank you doll for your sweet comments! You made my day ♥

  2. hello there! Thank you for taking the time to read my posts! I appreciate your comment as well :)

    I didn't read too much through the posts at Write Now, Write Later, but what I read I loved! I'm really excited to do the 30 Days of Truths, and I believe it will be a great way to learn more about myself!

    I look forward to your posts all the time now that I follow you!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE all the new updates :)
    and isn't Lindsay just great!?

    I'm blessed with awesome friends.


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